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    “Immortalis – Part 2 of 3” Book 7 of “The Demon Wars Saga” by R.A. Salvatore 

    “Immortalis – Part 2 of 3”
    Book 7 of “The Demon Wars Saga”
    by R.A. Salvatore
    Multicast performance
    Produced by GraphicAudio
    Approx 6 hours

    The tension builds, the excitement mounts, the story continues and soon comes to a close.  It is a bittersweet emotion I feel as I just finish listening to the second of three parts that make up the final audio book in “The Demon Wars Saga” by R.A. Salvatore.  The adventures continue but I am saddened to know that there is only one more audio book left before the end of the saga.  This series introduced the world to the Ranger Elbryan, who was trained by elves to protect the citizens of Honce-the-Bear, his wife Jilseponie who was trained by a renegade monk, soon become a Saint, who taught her how to use the magic gemstones.  Bradwarden the Centaur, Bellimar Juraviel the elf who has trained rangers through the ages and many more heroes. Salvatore also introduced some great villains such as; Marcalo De’Unnero the were-tiger monk who seeks to rule the Abellican Church, Father Abbot Marquart who was possessed by the demon dactyl, Bestus Belzibar.

    In this audiobook, the son of Elbryan and Jilseponie, Adryan, who has become king through a technicality seeks to conquer the world.  Adryan was taken from Jilseponie’s womb by Lady Dasselrond, the leader of the Tu’elafar, the elves of the north, and raised as a ranger in hopes that he would save their land.  It turns out that not letting the child or the mother know of each other’s existence has stained Adryan’s view on life.  Adryan left the elves and found the renegade monk De’Unnero and under his tutelage, sought and killed to gain the throne.  Now he seeks to conquer the world.  Those that don’t bow to him will be destroyed.

    Adryan has sent emissaries to Behren to conquer the southland. The land of Behren has just found out that their religious god head was a fake, and the country is in turmoil.  Adryan hopes to take this confusion and use it to his advantage.  The problem is that Brynn Dahrielle has just freed her people, the To-gai, from Behrenese slavery, and only sees Adryan, a former friend, as another slaver.

    To exact his revenge Adryan first must destroy Lady Dasselrond and the elves.  To do so he must find Anderblok Innerness, the land of the Tu’elafar.  Dasselrond sacrifices herself to hide the land.  It can now only be found once Adryan’s blood has been spilled.  The elves are homeless without a land and seek out Jilseponie to offer their assistance in defeating Adryan.

    Jilseponie has gone to the north to aid Prince Midalis, brother to the king slain by Adryan.  Juravial finds Jilseponie and Bradwarden and offers his magicks to tie all the forces together in that they may destroy the false King Adryan.

    At the end of this audiobook the major battles begin, now I must get to the finale, but I don’t want to rush it, I’ll be saddened to reach the end of this epic saga.  But the excitement awaits.

    To make this audiobook even more exciting, it is produced by Graphic Audio.  Graphic Audio promises “A Movie in your Mind,” and boy do they ever deliver.  Superb acting and characterization by the talented voices would normally be enough, but with the original music and Earth shattering sound effects, this audio book will engulf you in the story and excitement that is “The Demon Wars Saga.”

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    “Immortalis – Part 1 of 3” Book 7 of “The Demon Wars Saga” by R.A. Salvatore 

    “Immortalis – Part 1 of 3”
    Book 7 of “The Demon Wars Saga”
    by R.A. Salvatore
    Multi-cast performance
    produced by GraphicAudio
    Approx 7 hours

    I knew it was coming, the beginning of the end, and here it is.  This is the first of three parts of the final book in “The Demon Wars Saga” by R.A. Salvatore.  This saga has been a great adventure in fantasy taking place in the land of Corona.  The heroes have included wizards (of a sort), elves, dwarves, goblins, giants, a centaur that plays bagpipes, humans and a dragon.  Everything one could ever want in a fantasy series.   Salvatore not only created this fictional Land of Corona and populated with some great heroes and villains, but he also created several forms of government and religious doctrine.

    One of the things that forms a great work of fiction is how in depth the characters and their adventures are explained.  By creating brand new forms of politics and religion these characters have strict rules to go by and how or when they cross those lines create the great stories.  Salvatore has done just that by at first in the saga creating a demon that threatens the land and how these governments and religions react.  Even more to the point the excitement occurs when heroes are the ones acting and the government and religion stand by idly.

    Throughout the adventures I have grown quite fond of he central characters.  Jilseponie (Pony) who as a child was left alone to die after goblins raided her town.  She grew up to become a soldier in the king’s army, a weilder of magic and then Queen of Honce-the-Bear.  Now she is no longer queen because her son, who was thought to have died at birth, has usurped the crown and has left her in her own exile.  But she will not go quietly, she is now out to find why Lady Dasselrond, the leader of the elves took her baby and released his evil on the land.

    Bellimar Juraviel, the elf that trained rangers so they may protect the humans of the Land of Corona, is now in love with one of his lost kinsfolk.  Juraviel is of the Touel’alfar elves and centuries ago the Touel’alfar had split in ideals from the Doc’alfar.  The Doc’alfar left the lands and were never heard from again.  Juravial was escorting the most recently trained ranger Brynn Dharielle to the lands of To-gai to free her people from slavery when they discovered the Doc’alfar.  Juraviel fell in love with one of the Doc’alfar and now will be having a child with her.  Juravial brings the King of the Doc’alfar back to Lady Dasselrond in hopes of reuniting the elven folk, but learns that King Adryan may be a threat to the elves.

    King Adryan killed King Ursal to gain the crown and a few others and as he decides to conquer the Behren and To-gai lands of the south his murderous past starts to haunt him.  He awakes from dreams where those slain have come back.  His reign not only includes conquering the lands to the south but with the aid of his mentor, the evil, Marcalo De’unnero, Adryan also plans on reforming the Abellican church.

    All this is where part one leaves off.  Now on to part 2 so I can get more of this excitement.  The nice thing about listening to these audio book productions from GraphicAudio is that they split them up in six or seven hour installments.  For me this provides convenience of enjoying the events in the saga and enjoying the breaks between the excitement and turmoil created by R. A. Salvatore.  This same excitement and turmoil is made more exciting through the superb production from GraphicAudio.  They use excellent voice actors that not only express the emotion and action of the characters at the moment but also seem to be able to express the character’s history that led to this moment in time. The music and sound effects also move you along through the saga leaving you on the edge of your seat for the entire run.

    So strap in and enjoy this beginning of the end of the saga.

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    “Transcendence Part 3 of 3” Book 6 of “The Demon Wars Saga” by R.A. Salvatore 

    “Transcendence Part 3 of 3”
    Book 6 of “The Demon Wars Saga”
    by R.A. Salvatore
    Multicast performance
    Produced by GraphicAudio
    Approx 6 hours

    Sad to say, but my adventures in the Land of Corona are coming to a close.  With the finishing of this final part of book 6, I realize there’s only one more book left and the story seems to be ready for a huge finale.  This last trilogy builds up the new leaders in the land of Behren and Honce-the-Bear.  This book in particular covers the land of Behren and how the Behrenese have conquered the To-Gai and the ranger that is out to set the To-Gai people free, Brynn Dharielle.

    In the previous five books the land of Behren has been mention, but only in passing.  This time around R.A. Salvatore explores the government and religions of the southernmost lands.  The main outline of the land seems to derive from an equivalent of our Middle East and Asian countries.  The Behrenese are closely related in many senses to the Muslims where the To-Gai seem to be loosely based on Mongolians of Asia, then you have the Jhesta Tu Mystics that could resemble the Shao lin Monks of China.

    This final installment of “Transcendence” builds to two great battles, one for the leadership of Behren and one for the final stand of the To Gai.

    The Behrenese are ruled by holy clerics known as Yatols, and the leader of the Yatols is the Chezru Chieftain.  The latest Chezru Chieftain is Yakim Douan, and it is time for his transcendence, a period where his body dies but the next chieftan is born into the body of an infant, much like the idea behind the Dali Lama.  But in this case Yakim Douan has been cheating the system by using the soulstone, one of the magical gems of the Abellican monks from the northlands.   The Behrenese religion forbids the use of magic gemstones, but Yakim Douan has been using the soulstone to possess the bodies of unborn infants to be reborn for many centuries.  He is now getting old and is ready to invade his next body, but with the problems in Honce-the-bear and the rebellious To-Gai, he has to put this off.

    Brynn Dharielle was taken by the Touel’alfar, the elves, and trained as a Ranger so she can return to free the To-Gai.  Her campaign has been successful in that she has been constantly making dents in the Behrenese armies, not enough to conquer but enough to ruin the day of the Chezru Chieftan.  She has been called the Dragon of To-Gai, because at her side she has a dangerous ally, Agradelus the dragon.  Agradelus has been underground for many years and the taste of battle keeps him hard to control.

    Brynn is assisted also by a Jhesta Tu Mystic Pagonel.  Pagonel discovers the secret to Transcendence and returns to the Behren capital city of Jacintha to uncover the truth and ridicule the Chezru Chieftain. This could turn the land into a land of turmoil knowing their ruling party and religion has been deceiving them all these years.

    Once again through the magic of GraphicAudio’s superb production this saga continues with some of the most exciting audio books ever produced.  GraphicAudio uses great voice talent, sound effects and incidental music that leaves you feeling as though you need to wash the sands off from the desert battles and checking yourself for arrow wounds.  Their production is magical.

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    “Transcendence – Part 2 of 3” Book 6 of “The Demon Wars Saga” by R.A. Salvatore 

    “Transcendence – Part 2 of 3”
    Book 6 of “The Demon Wars Saga”
    by R.A. Salvatore
    Mult-cast performance
    Produced by GraphicAudio
    Approx 6 hours

    I’m rolling through “The Demon Wars Saga” by R.A. Salvatore and I keep thinking, I should slow down, after all, the series only has 7 books and this latest one is book 6 and I’m two-thirds of the way through it.  But as much as I would love to let these drag out and savor each one, the story is just too exciting to stop.  I’m already opening part 3 and will start listening to it after this review.

    The saga is one of the best pieces of fantasy fiction I’ve read/heard since “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien.  (Interesting that the good fantasy writers use initials instead of first names.)  What makes this saga so good is that in the writing Salvatore is consistent with the characters and includes all the favorites through the entire saga.  Some heroes die but they are not forgotten.  The heroes that do live on while staying consistent with their central character, Salvatore knows how to write in the room for growth.

    Even more exciting about this series is that I’m listening to the audiobooks produced by GraphicAudio.  GraphicAudio turns these books into great auditory theatrical events.  They achieve the “Movie in your Mind” reality by using excellent voice actors, superb sound effects and incidental music that pushes the excitement to even higher levels.  Many times during great battles in the saga I found myself getting closer and closer to the edge of my seat and only able to relax once the music fades out.  The special effects are achieved through some great sound effects, when the elves let an arrow fly you hear every detail from the moment the arrow is notched, through its flight and the sound of  the arrow hitting the target, whether it is into flesh or stone.  It’s really amazing the effects that are achieved by GraphicAudio.

    This installment continues with the adventures of Touel’alfar trained ranger, Brynn Dharielle.  Brynn was trained by the elves to become a hero of her people the To-Gai who are being enslaved by the Behrenese.  Brynn is trained and sent to Behren with the aid of her main trainer, Belli’mar Juraviel, elven trainer of the ranger, Elbryan (Nightbird) Wyndon.  Along the way Juraviel & Brynn come across the Doc’alfar, the dark elves of legend.  The elves send one of their own to accompany them under the mountains into Brynn’s land.  The party of 3 come across the lair of a dragon and are separated.  Brynn escapes and goes on to her land to find a small revolution led by a prideful warrior.  This warrior falls to his pride.

    During the campaigns Brynn meets up with a Jhesta Tu mystic by the name of Pagonel.  Pagonel rescues Brynn from death by the Behrenese army.  Pagonel is one of the few mystics that has achieved the highest state of enlightenment.  The mystics are able to perform magicks without the use of the magical gemstones like the Abellican Monks.  Pagonel falls in love with Brynn and she with him. Pagonel begins teaching her the enlightenment of the Jhesta Tu.

    In the meantime Juraviel and the female Doc’alfar also begin to fall in love while being held by captive by Agradeleas, the dragon.  Agradeleas soon learns that Juraviel is duty and honor bound to escape and find Brynn.  Agradeleas decides to accompany the 2 elves to find Brynn.

    The Behrenese soldiers seek out Pagonel because he murdered one of their higher ranked soldiers.  This brings war to the Jhesta Tu.  The Jhesta Tu are at first winning the battle but more soldiers arrive, surrounding the mystics.

    I will leave you hanging there until the next installment, enjoy.

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    “Transcendence Part 1 of 3” Book 6 of “The Demon Wars” Saga by R. A. Salvatore 

    “Transcendence Part 1 of 3”
    Book 6 of “The Demon Wars” Saga
    by R. A. Salvatore
    Multicast Performance
    Produced by GraphicAudio
    Approx 6 hours.

    Here I go starting on book six of the seven volumes that make up “The Demon Wars Saga” by R. A. Salvatore.  This book is called “Transcendence,” and tells the story of the second Ranger trained at the same time as Adryan Wyndon, who became King of Honce the Bear in the last book.   Brynn Dharielle, was rescued by the elves of Touel’alfar after her parents were murdered by the Behrenese.  The Behrenese have been enslaving Brynn’s race, the To-Gai, and her purpose as a Ranger is to free her people and start a revolution.

    This book begins as Brynn and Belli’mar Juraviel, elven trainer of the rangers, begin their journey south from Andur’Blough Inninness, the elves’ home, to the lands of Behren.  Along the way they must cross the mountains called The Belt and Buckle.  Traveling through the mountains Belli’mar and Brynn are attacked by zombies.  The zombies are found to be under the control of the legendary Doc’alfar, the Dark elves.   The Doc’alfar are amazed to see Belli’mar, or any member of the Touel’alfar, the split between the two occurred hundreds of years in the past and the each elven branch believed the other perished.  Belli’mar convinces the king of the Doc’alfar that Brynn is not a typical human and that they both should be allowed to live.

    The Doc’elfar know of a secret passage under the mountains and send a guide with Belli’mar and Brynn.  The passage is not safe as is found to be true by the scattering of bones, abandoned villages of powries (dwarves) and a Dragon.  This is when the this book really gets exciting as Belli’mar, Brynn and their Doc’elfar guide must battle for their lives as the dragon attacks.  Brynn finds the remains of the last To-Gai ranger trained by the elves, and realizes she will be the first to survive, if she can survive.  Taking the sword of the dead ranger and a few shield like armaments Brynn does manage to survive and arrives in a To-Gai village run by the Behrenese.  As for the elves, it is not known.

    GraphicAudio delivers this story with the excellent production they use in all their releases.  The acting is simply the best.  The voice actors not only portray the different characters but implement various accents and vocal qualities that allow the listener to listen to this “Movie in Your Mind.”  The sound effects and incidental music create the perfect auditory cinematic experience, creating the best experience you may ever have in audio books.

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    “Ascendance – Part 2 of 2” Book 5 of “The Demon Wars Saga” by R. A. Salvatore 

    “Ascendance – Part 2 of 2”
    Book 5 of “The Demon Wars Saga”
    by R. A. Salvatore
    Multicast Performance
    Produced by GraphicAudio
    approx 6 hours.

    R.A. Salvatore’s epic tale of the Land of Corona just keeps getting more and more exciting, and GraphicAudio’s productions keep these books exciting with the superb audiobook productions.  “Ascendance” is book five of the series and tells the tale of Aydrian Wyndon, the lost son of Elbryan the Ranger and Jilseponie the warrior.  When Jilseponie was battling with the demon possessed Father Abbot Dalebert Markwart, the supreme leader of the Abellican Church, she thought through his magic Markwart killed her unborn son.  The truth is that Lady Dasselrond, leader of the Touel’alfar, the elves, rescued the baby from Jilseponie’s womb, and raised him as a Ranger among the elves.

    In Part one of this book Aydrian escaped the land of the elves and set out to make a name for himself.  As fate would have it Aydrian crosses paths with Marcalo De’Unnero, the former Bishop of Palmaris, who has been possessed by the were-tiger spirit, and is the man that murdered Aydrian’s father.  De’Unnero begins plotting against Jilseponie, who is now Queen of Honce-the-Bear, in the land of Corona.  De’Unnero’s plan is to put Aydrian on the throne, topple the church and put himself back in power.  Aydrian, powerful with the magic gemstones used by the church and an equally powerful Ranger, goes along with these plans and even develops a few of his own.

    To further the cause, De’Unnero places himself among the nobles in the kingdom and running the long con gets the Duke Callis to hold a series of contests as a show for the King’s 50th birthday.  Bringing to mind scenes from the classic tale of Robin Hood and the movie “A Knight’s Tale,” nobles and peasants alike compete in melee battles, jousts and sword fights to prove who is worthy of the King’s Pennant.  Aydrian defeats the strongest man in the Kingdom Duke Callis by killing him on the field.  But before he does this the Duke says he battles for the King and in a show of rebellion Aydrian says he battles not for the king but for Queen Jilseponie.

    Salvatore has a great skill of weaving this tale that includes many subplots that come together to produce a extremely exciting climax to the story.  GraphicAudio combines their cast of talented actors with realistic sound effects (especially during the jousts and sword fights) and music that seems to build to a climax along with the story to the very end.  I found myself on the edge of my seat while listening to all the battles and then at the end I felt as though I were going through those battles and was experiencing an adrenaline high from the excitement fueled by GraphicAudio’s superb production.

    Super exciting fantasy novel, not sure how Salvatore and GraphicAudio can top this, but the next book, “Transcendance,” is sitting by my side as I write this ready to continue the adventure.

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    “Ascendance – Part 1 of 2” book 5 of “The Demon Wars Saga” by R. A. Salvatore 

    “Ascendance – Part 1 of 2”
    book 5 of “The Demon Wars Saga”
    by R. A. Salvatore
    Multicast performance
    Produced by GraphicAudio
    approx 7 hours

    Being a big fan of science-fiction, fantasy and supernatural stories, I jumped at the chance to begin reading the “Demon Wars Saga” by R. A. Salvatore.  I first looked at this series and saw there were seven books in the series and knew it would be a fun adventure.  I then found out they were available as audiobooks from GraphicAudio and knew that was a convenient way to get into the saga.  When GraphicAudio first produced these I was so enthralled by the story that they couldn’t release them fast enough.  I then thought well, just go read the books.  That didn’t work because GraphicAudio had me addicted to their superb production quality and presentation that I just HAD to hear these masterpieces of audiobook production.

    You see, GraphicAudio has a slogan, “A Movie in Your Mind,” and they take it pretty seriously.  It shows from the first words spoken in these audiobooks.  The full cinematic feel of these stories is pushed along with superb voice acting and sound effects that come exploding out of whatever sound-system you hear these productions on.  They really know how to suck you into the story.  The storytelling prowess of R. A. Salvatore is enhanced a thousandfold through GraphicAudio’s production quality.  The nice thing is that GraphicAudio separates the books into 2 or 3 parts keeping each edition to about 6 or 7 hours in length.  This is nice in that the books can be absorbed in chunks and then give you time to recover from the experience before continuing.

    So let’s talk about this book.  This is book 5 of the 7 book saga that is “The Demon Wars,” years have passed since the “Miracle of Avelyn” occurred on Mount Aida healing the country of the Rosie Plague.  The Abellican Church is well on its way to canonizing Avelyn, even though he was once called a heretic.

    Jilseponie after losing her husband, the Ranger, Elbryan (Nightbird) Wyndon, has settled in to becoming Baroness of Palmaris and serving the people.  The Abellican church, who realize that with her talent of magic using the holy gemstones would better serve the Church and the folk of Palmaris by becoming a Bishop of Palmaris.  The Bishop being a representative of both secular and church interests.  At this same time King Danube Brock Ursal, king of Honce-the-bear wishes for her to become his wife and Queen.  The King is actually in love with Jilseponie, but the church seems to have a hidden agenda.

    The elves of Touel’alfar took Jilseponie’s unborn son (also son of Elbryan) and raised him to become a ranger even greater than his father and to, hopefully, be the salvation of the elves. The plans of the Touel’alfar go awry due to Aydrian’s own arrogance, cultivated by a dark force he encounters at Oracle.

    The focus of this book is on the development of Adryan and what could possibly be a dark future for all the residents of the land of Corona, elves and humans alike, and GraphicAudio delivers this story with a punch.

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    Brisingr (Inheritance, Book 3) by Christopher Paolini 

    Brisingr (Inheritance, Book 3)
    by Christopher Paolini
    read by Gerard Doyle
    Produced by Listening Library, 2008

    Well I thought I was finishing the last of the Christopher Paolini “Inheritance” series featuring, Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular (Brightscales), but no, there seems to be another in the works.  This is completely fine by me, because reading or listening to this series has been a lot of fun.  I still find it amazing that Paolini started writing this series while in his teens.  The language used in these books is every bit as much an equivalent to any of Tolkien’s works, or any other fantasy novel.  In fact just like many fantasy writers Paolini, took the time to create a couple of languages to make the Dwarves and Elves speak in an more realistic manner.

    The “Inheritance” series follows the life of Eragon, a dragon rider, and Saphira, his dragon, as they grow together learning what it means to be a dragon rider, while at the same time fighting the evil King Galbatorix, who wants to be the only rider and ruler of the world.   In this book especially Eragon and Saphira learn what it means to be loyal, and to keep your promises.  In fact, the subtitle of this book was going to be, “The Seven Promises of Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular.”

    The reader, Gerard Doyle, does a superb job reading this book and letting the listener know the difference between different characters talking or thinking as well as voicing the dragons.  I have to admit that I felt sorry for the abuse to Doyle’s throat when he voiced the dragons but I sure he can recover in time for the next book.  Doyle also provides the interesting pronunciation for the Elvish and Dwarvish language.  So if you read the book and wondered just how you could pronounce some of those words, get the audio book.

    Brisingr focuses on the story of Eragon and his dragon Saphira  as they continue their quest to overthrow the corrupt ruler of the Empire, Galbatorix. Eragon is one of the last remaining Dragon Riders, a group that governed and protected the land of Alagaësia. Brisingr  begins just 4 days after the preceding novel “Eldest” concludes, finding Eragon, newly reunited with his cousin, Roran, just outside of  Helgrind, the sanctuary of the Ra’zac. There they rescue Roran’s fiance, Katrina, who was being held prisoner, and kill one of the Ra’zac. Saphira, Roran, and Katrina return to the Varden, while Eragon stays behind to kill the remaining Ra’zac and to deal with Katrina’s traitorous father. Once he returns to the Varden, Eragon discovers that Katrina is pregnant with Roran’s child and a wedding is arranged, which Eragon is to conduct. Just before it begins, a small force of enchanted troops, that feel no pain, attack alongside Murtagh and his dragon, Thorn. Elven spell-casters aid Eragon and Saphira and cause Murtagh and Thorn to flee, winning the battle. After the fight, Roran marries Katrina. The leader of the Varden, Nasuada, then orders Eragon to attend the election of the new dwarf king in the Beor Mountains. Once among the dwarves, Eragon is the target of a failed assassination, found to be the work of the dwarf clan Az Sweldn rak Anhûin, whom the dwarf Orik then forces into exile. Having earned the sympathies of the dwarves, Orik is elected the new king.

    After Orik’s coronation, Eragon and Saphira return to the elven capital Ellesméra to train. There, the elf Oromis and his dragon Glaedr reveal that Eragon’s deceased mentor, Brom, is Eragon’s father. Glaedr also reveals the source of Galbatorix’s power: Eldunarí, or heart of hearts. While not a dragon’s actual heart, an Eldunarí allows the holder to communicate with or draw energy from the dragon it belongs to, even if the dragon is deceased. Galbatorix spent years collecting Eldunarya, and forcing the deceased dragons to channel their energy to him through their Eldunarí thus the reason Galbatorix is so powerful. After training, Eragon visits an Elven blacksmith, Rhunön, who helps Eragon forge a Rider sword. Before Eragon and Saphira depart to the Varden, Oromis says that the time has come for him and Glaedr to openly oppose the Empire in combat alongside the queen of the elves, Islanzadí. Thus, Glaedr gives his Eldunarí to Eragon and Saphira before they part.

    Meanwhile, Roran is sent on various missions as part of the military force of the Varden. One of the targets is a convoy of supply wagons guarded by enchanted soldiers. The unit suffers extreme casualties, and the commander is replaced after losing his hand. During a mission to take back a Surdan city, plans made by the new commander almost cause the operation to fail, but Roran gives new orders. Despite saving the mission, Roran is charged with insubordination and is flogged as a punishment. After the public whipping, Nasuada promotes Roran to commander and sends his unit on a mission. He leaves in command of a group of both men and Urgals to enforce the idea of men and Urgals working together. When his squad returns to the Varden, they join the siege of Feinster, a city in the Empire.

    The battle ensues and as I said in the beginning what I thought was the final book is not, and Paolini leaves the final battle between the Varden and the Empire, and, of course, between Galbatorix and Eragon for the next book.

    In this audio book is a bonus interview between Paolini and his editor, in which he reveals that this book was originally planned as the final but that the adventures just could not all be told in one volume.  Hopefully we’ll have the next book soon.

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    “Mortalis – Part 3” The Demon Wars Saga Book 4 by R.A. Salvatore 

    Mortalis – Part 3″
    The Demon Wars Saga Book 4
    by R.A. Salvatore
    Multicast performance
    Produced by GraphicAudio

    The Demon Wars Saga consists of two trilogies and this book, Mortalis, which bridges the two trilogies.  The first trilogy tells of Elbryan the Ranger, Pony the warrior, Bradwarden the Centaur, Avelyn the monk, and Juraviel the elf as they battle the demon dactyl, Bestesbulzibar and protect the land of Corona from his evils. Mortalis covers mainly the life of Pony after the war, and develops some new characters.

    Once again, GraphicAudio continues to produce this saga in audiobook form with their “Movie in your Mind” concept.  R.A. Salvatore provided the great story, but GraphicAudio brings it to life with outstanding acting, super sound effects and subtle, yet effective incidental music.

    The Rosey Plague is wreaking havoc in the land of Corona, especially in the kingdom of Honce-the-Bear.   The Abellican Church has ordered all its abbeys to be shut and the monks to stay within the walls, so no monk will catch the plague.  This is ordered despite the suffering of the common folk outside the walls of the abbeys.  King Ursul has ordered the same for all baroneys.  The common folk soon lose faith in the church and in their King.

    Brother De’Unnero after being turned down once again to be a father abbot, turns against the church and creates a cult following of Brothers Repentant.  This following is going throughout the land preaching that the plague is brought on as the wrath of God because the church has lost it’s way and the people are sinful.  He begins killing those that do not denounce their faith for his religion.

    In the meantime Jilseponie (formerly, Poney) is trying to find a cure for the plague, using all her magicks.  During a spirit-walk Lady Dasselrond of the Touel’Alfar gives her an ancient scroll where a relief, not a cure, is written to help ease the suffering.  Then a vision from the martyred Brother Avelyn may give her the cure, but is it too late?

    This exciting conclusion takes the listener back to Mount Aida, to where the demon dactyl, Bestus Bulzibar was destroyed and throughout all the baroneys of the land.  Once again the adventure is only made better by the outstanding production from GraphicAudio.

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    “Mortalis – Part 2” book 4 of “The Demon Wars Saga” by R. A. Salvatore 

    “Mortalis – Part 2”
    book 4 of “The Demon Wars Saga”
    by R. A. Salvatore
    Multi-cast performance
    Produced by GraphicAudio
    Approx 6 hours

    The Demon Wars Saga continues with book 4 “Mortalis.”  Actually, “Mortalis” is the book that bridges the 2 trilogies in the saga.  Mortalis sums the happenings of what has happened just after the demon dactyl, Bestis Belzibar has been destroyed, even his spirit which possessed the body of the head of the Abellican Church.

    The Demon Wars Saga is a series of books that cover the fantasy realm of the the land of Corona.  Where the elves raise rangers to protect the woodlands and humans, Magic is performed by monks through gemstones, and centaurs protect the woodland creatures and play bagpipes.  R. A. Salvatore created the series that has taken a life of its own even into a fantasy roleplaying game.  GraphicAudio is producing the audio books and releasing them in 6 hour segments thus dividing each book into three parts.  This makes the listening easier than having to get lost in the huge series all at once.  For the first book and part of the second I was just rolling one right after another, but during the listening of the second book I had to wait for each release and the time in between allowed for me to absorb the story during my downtime.

    GraphicAudio does a superb job in producing these audio books.  They produce them with their slogan “A Movie in Your Mind” close to heart.  These productions are full of great voice actors, sound effects and incidental music that keeps the story rolling and keeps the listener fully submerged in the world created by R.A. Salvatore.

    In this edition of the series, Honce-the-bear, a country/state in the land of Corona has just had their Abellican Church fall to the evil of the demon dactyl, and a war with giants, goblins and dwarves.  During the reconstruction period the Church, under the orders of the king, is getting their house back in order, but the Rosy Plague has entered the land.  This plague is untreatable even by the magic gemstones of the church.

    Rogue Abbot/Bishop Marcalo De’Unnaro is sent to St. Gwendoly abbey to find out if the rumors of the plague are true.  What he finds is the townsfolk and monks from the abbey mostly dead from the plague.  He begins his evil plans to build the church to his own doctrine, but when the new Father Abbot tries to remove him from the Church, he forms a band of Brothers Repentant, seeking to cleanse the land of all its sins.  This plan also includes genocide.

    Jilseponie, Poney to her friends, has returned to her home to grieve over the grave of Elbryan, the ranger and her husband who was killed in the final battle against the demon spirit.  She learns her friend is dying from the plague and brings her to the abbey only to be turned away because all abbeys and the castles have closed their doors to keep out the plague.  She is sent out with a handful of the gemstones to see if she can find a cure.

    Juravial of the Touel’alfar, the elves, has retrieved a horse for one of the two new rangers that are being trained, one of which the son of Poney and Elbryan.  Juravial learns of the plague and returns to the home of the elves where they are also shut off from fear of the plague.

    The adventures seem grim but the story is compelling and with the attention to detail production in these audio books you will be wanting for more.

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