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    “God’s Eye” by A.J. Scudiere 

    “God’s Eye”
    by A.J. Scudiere
    Multicast performance
    Published by Griffyn Ink Corp.
    15 hours and 25 minutes

    Every once in a while I venture into the new publisher/author/audio producer realm of audiobooks and it can be hit or miss.  This book was a mix of a lot of hit and a little miss.   I have been asked before why I never write a bad review, and my answer is because I never read or listen to a bad book.  If a book is bad I put it down and don’t bother with it.  With all those good books out there why should I waste my time?  So with that in mind and reading this review you know that this was not a bad audiobook…but….there were some moments which need to be pointed out so you can be prepared for them.

    I think I’ll have to address this review in segments, so first I’ll start with the writing and story itself.  The writing is very dark and the story is very intriguing.  So there is the win.  The basis of the story is that Katherine Geryon works in a financial investment company, in fact, her name is in the company name, Light & Geryon.  Okay to be exact, her father’s name is on the company, but hey you get the idea.  The company funds projects and gets high returns on their investments.  Katherine’s job is research.  She looks into company histories to see if return on investment is high enough to sink money into the project.  This becomes important later in the book, but I’ll leave that surprise up to you to find for yourself.

    The main concept behind the story is a war  between an angel and a demon for Katherine’s soul.  The two, Zachary and Alistar, must win over Katherine and she must make a decision as to which one to go with.  One will win and the loser will die.   The problem that Katherine has is that she is seduced by both and once she finds out she must make the decision she cannot figure which one to go with.  To be fair A.J. Scudiere’s writing is so ingenious that even the reader/listener cannot determine which is the angel and which is the demon.  I have to say I was rooting for one or the other to win throughout the book, and kept changing which one that I couldn’t figure out which was which until the very end, and then I said to myself, “I knew it,” but in reality the mystery through the book kept me guessing throughout.  That aspect alone makes this book a very nice escapism piece of horror fiction.  I enjoyed the writing and storyline immensely.

    The book is a multicast performance in which each different character was read by a different voice actor.  When the story was from Zachary’s point of view you’d hear his voice and from Katherine’s you’d hear her voice with all dialogue performed by each actor.  This was nicely done and with the added bonus of having Ed Asner (yes THAT Ed Asner) as the voice of Katherine’s father, the voice work was nice.  The actor portraying Zachary had a very interesting super deep voice that kept me interested in his side of the story.

    At this point here’s were some of the non-hit part of the audiobook took place.  While the actor portraying Alistar was superb in his performance, his voice just seemed to be too old for the part written, but he made it work and made it more bearable.  The actress portraying Katherine did another superb job….but…there were three words that drove me buggy throughout the entire book, and they were enunciation problems.  The words; wouldn’t, couldn’t and didn’t would sometimes come out as; woont, coont and dint, and that just totally irritated me.  If the story hadn’t been so good I would have stopped listening.  (yeah, I know that’s a bit picky, but it just didn’t belong in this story.)

    Being touted as an “AudioMovie,” I was thinking there would be more in production for this audio book.  There were some sound effects thrown in that helped to mentally visualize the settings of some of the scenes and when the cell phone would ring and the story called for the character to be startled, it would startle me also.  So the sound effects are very subtle and there were times where they seemed a bit forced, or maybe that more were needed.  They went for the middle of the subtle and full-blown production and I think it worked, but there were moments.   The really cool parts were the sound effects used when portraying the changes from the other worldly creatures to humans, some sounds that just don’t occur naturally and the production company created some nice effects that could give some people nightmares, and that’s a good thing.

    All around I would recommend this audiobook and say enjoy the constant twist and turns that create a nice supernatural mystery, but just be prepared for a few slips here and there.

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      I have never really been able to do audio books. Something about someone reading to me detaches me from the storyline and I can’t get into the characters like I can if I’m reading it myself. As for writing bad reviews I am the same way, though my OCD won’t let me put the book down if I don’t like it, I have to finish it, maybe in part hoping at some point it will get good but even if it is bad my review won’t be all bad, I’ll most likely say it was an okay book but not for me and maybe point out a couple thinks I didn’t agree with or like. I think there has only been one exception to that rule. Otherwise, I did enjoy your review, I see your reading Autumn Aftermath which that series is on my list to read in the future as well. Thanks for the review. Keep them coming.


      • gilwilson 8:46 PM on April 13, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        There are some audiobooks that aren’t just people reading to you. In fact the audiobook market is filled with some really good books that are completely dramatized like “GraphicAudio” or “Galaxy Audio” and it’s a completely different experience. There are some audiobook readers that are extremely talented and can present a book as if it were a one person play Susan Erickson comes to mind. You should give them a try.


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    Doctor Who: The Gemini Contagion by Jason Arnopp 

    Doctor Who: The Gemini Contagion
    by Jason Arnopp
    Read by Meera Syal
    Published by AudioGo (2011)
    Running Time: 1hrs 30mins

    First of all I want to scream out how much I love the BBC and AudioGo for making these Doctor Who audiobooks available. I am antsy and eagerly awaiting the next season of Doctor Who and in the meantime I’m getting my fix of the Doctor, by listening to these adventures through time and space with the 11th doctor. When I run out of the 11th doctor I will go back to the 10th (who, portrayed by David Tenant, was my second favorite Doctor to Tom Baker) But these adventures with the 11th Doctor (portrayed by Matt Smith) are loads of fun. Right now I’m going through all the audio releases that are three hours or less, and having a blast.

    This audio release is read by Meera Syal, who appeared in two episodes of Doctor Who; The Hungry Earth Cold Blood. She portrayed Dr. Nasreen Chaudhry, a geologist in the year 2020. Along with Tony Mack, she was digging down into the Earth further than any other human ever had before. They discover a race of reptilians that have lived under the Earth for years and will do so for many more. Anyway, at first I was wondering if her reading this book would mean that her character would make an appearance in this story, and reading the cover notes I couldn’t see how. As I listened I realized she wouldn’t, but Meera did a superb job in reading the story. She was able to capture the quirks of the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond perfectly and with the help of the subtle music score was able to present the emotions and excitement throughout the story.

    The story follows the The Doctor and Amy as they arrive on the ice-planet Vinsk in the year 2112. Where the Zalnex company is getting ready to release a miracle hand lotion. The lotion provides the user to understand all languages. The problem, the shipment is being sent to Earth and the lotion was never tested on humans. As it turns out humans are susceptible to insanity after using the hand lotion, because the human brain cannot sort out the languages at once.

    The doctor that created the lotion cloned a race called “Meme Spawn” and used them to manufacture the lotion, by introducing the microscopic spawn into the lotion where they psychically link to the host allowing the host to understand the languages. To make things worse the cloned Meme Spawn, are able to mutate and become a sort of flying starfish creature and conquer the hosts.

    The Doctor and Amy race against time to keep the shipment arriving on earth. But along the way Amy becomes “infected” and the Doctor must make the decision of whether to save Amy or the Human Race.

    This romp through space and time is just as fun as any episode of Doctor Who and sorts itself out in true Doctor Who fashion.

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