“The Heiress” By: Ruth Goetz, Augustus Goetz 

The Heiress
By: Ruth Goetz, Augustus Goetz
Narrated by: Chris Noth, Amy Irving, Full Cast
Length: 2 hrs and 3 mins
Produced by L.A. Theatre Works.

Leave it to L.A. Theatre Works to turn what easily could be a boring play into something that is worth hearing, and will keep the listener listening.

LATW produces many plays into audiobook and everyone has a great cast and the production puts you right in the middle of the audience of the performance.

This time around Amy Irving plays Catherine who already has a decent income (especially considering that this is the 1850s and she’s a woman) from when her mother passed away. She is set to inherit a large sum when Dr. Sloyer (her father) passes and people know it.

When a young treasure hunter seeks Catherine’s hand, her father is determined to put a stop to the man’s pursuit. Catherine believes his professed feelings to be real, her father knows otherwise.

A tale of love lost, this performance is well acted and performed. I decided halfway through that it was not my cup of tea, but since the performance was so good I had to keep listening. LATW always gets me listening to plays I would probably normally pass on.

Publisher’s Summary
This Tony Award-winning play, set in New York City in 1850, centers on the painfully shy Catherine Sloyer, who lives in Washington Square with her father. When Catherine falls in love with a handsome suitor, Dr. Sloyer threatens to disinherit her, convinced that the young man could only be interested in her fortune. The decisions Catherine makes and their surprising consequences mark The Heiress as a complex and satisfying portrait of the American character.

Starring (in alphabetical order):

Jane Beard as Maria/Mrs. Montgomery
George Gaynes as Dr. Sloper
Helen Hedman as Marian Almond
Amy Irving as Catherine Sloper
Maureen Kerrington as Elizabeth Almond
Marty Lodge as Arthur Townsend
Chris Noth as Morris Townsend
Halo Wines as Lavinia Penniman
(P)1998 L.A. Theatre Works