“Painkiller Jane: Trust the Universe” by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Juan Santacruz (Illustrator)

janePainkiller Jane: Trust the Universe
by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Juan Santacruz (Illustrator)
Published 2019 by PaperFilms

I used to be a slave to comic book collecting (around mid 90s), but recently I have sold off the bulk of my collection and looking for trade paperbacks/graphic novels, where you get more than one issue in a book.  But, back when I was collecting I was a huge fan of Witchblade, The Darkness, and Vampirella.  I ran into a crossover with The Darkness and Painkiller Jane and later Vampirella and Painkiller Jane.  I soon found myself a fan of Jane.

SyFy network had a movie and then a series based (somewhat loosely in the movie, more on point with the series) about this time I started to lose interest in collecting the comics.

Painkiller Jane is a former cop that while undercover gets injected with a cocktail of designer drugs and develops the super power of fast healing.  Think of Wolverine without the claws, and instead just a few guns and some bad ass fighting skills.  I never lost my interest in the character just in comics in general.

Jump ahead a few years and I find the authors Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner are doing a Kickstarter to create this book.  I had to jump in.  I am so glad I did.

This hardcover features a new story and a couple of earlier tales, one being Jane’s origin story, so if your new to the character this book will catch you up.  Being a Kickstarter there are lots of extras that I’m not sure whether or not they are included in the regular version.  Some of the extras are pin-ups drawn by various artists, and some cosplayers dressed as Jane.

The main story in this book Jane finds herself teaming up with another Palmiotti created character called the Monolith.  They work together to stop a child trafficking ring.  Great adventures, great story….and to top it off, beautiful artwork.

Worth your while.