“Yi Soon Shin: Fallen Avenger” by Onrie Kompan

yisoonshin2Yi Soon Shin: Fallen Avenger
by Onrie Kompan (Author, Editor), David Anthony Kraft (Author, Editor), Giovanni Timpano (Illustrator), El Arnakleus (Illustrator), Adriana De Los Santos (Illustrator), Joel Saavedra (Illustrator)
Book 2 of the Yi Soon Shin Series
Hardcover: 176 pages
Publisher: Onrie Kompan Productions, LLC; First edition (August 24, 2017)

Before I get on to the review of this Graphic Novel, I would like to give you a heads up on what may happen in this review: 1.) I am an avid comic book reader, so I may be biased.  2.) I may name drop in this review, but not to make me look good.   That being said let’s talk about how awesome this book is.

I was attending a local comic-con a few years ago and was interviewing the author Brian K.  Morris for my podcast, The NerdUp Podcast.  After the interview he told me I should seek out Onrie Kompan and talk to him.  Morris told me that Kompan is doing some very unique things in using the comic book format to re-tell the story of a Legendary Hero from history.  I immediately looked for Onrie Kompan’s booth and the journey began.  This was back when the first Yi Soon Shin graphic novel was released, “Warrior and Defender.”  Onrie told me about his plight to get the story told and showed me the book.  The first thing that grabbed me was the artwork.  Beautiful!!!  Once the pitch was over, I bought that first book and loved it.  Then I heard he had compiled the next issues of individual comics into another graphic novel.  (I prefer that format rather than waiting between issues.)  I seemed to keep missing Onrie Kompan at various cons and was looking to find this book.  This time not for an interview, but to buy the book and continue reading.

I finally found out that he was doing a Kickstarter for the first comic in a third series.  In this Kickstarter one of the rewards was the 2nd graphic novel and the first issue of the third series.  I jumped.

I can’t say which of the two books is best, because they both are equal in splendor.  The beautiful artwork continues.  The story is told using “modern” language and the action is perfectly recreated by the art.

I have to tell any history buff and comic book fan that this book as well as the first are a must have.  Great story, great art and passion behind the book make this a book you must have.