“Straight to You” By David Moody

51DNgHRTLcL._SL500_“Straight to You”
By David Moody
Narrated by: Matthew Jackson
Length: 7 hrs and 43 mins
Release date: 03-21-19
Publisher: Infected Books

David Moody knows how to destroy the planet.  He’s had aliens terraform the planet (“Trust”), a zombie apocalypse (The “Autumn” series), a virus that makes us turn on each other (The “Hater” series), and now this our sun is dying and killing us on Earth by sending solar pulses to overheat and kill the planet.  While David can destroy a planet it is never about the process or the switch to what is killing the planet but how his characters react, respond and cope with their impending doom.  The sad thing is he creates these characters that the reader/listener connects with and is rooting for even through the impending doom

In “Straight To You” we meet Steven Johnson and his wife.  They have just lost a baby through a miscarriage, and this strains their relationship.  Months go by and the couple just aren’t communicating.  In the background the world is getting warmer and the summer seems hotter than ever.  Once autumn arrives and the heat wave is still going on people are starting to suspect something is wrong.

Steven’s wife is no longer able to stay with Steven as he closes himself off due to the loss of the baby.  She heads north to stay with her dad, who hates Steven, for a while.  Soon the heat becomes unbearable and finally the governments of Earth admit there is a problem the sun is dying and sending solar pulses to the planet, heating up the planet and killing life.  When it gets really bad Steven realizes that life will soon be over on the planet, and he wants to apologize to his wife for being an ass and spend the end of days with her.  The problem is now it is a survival story with the pulses killing living things left exposed and the planet’s temperature has become unbearable.  Steven has to face end of times odds in order to reach his wife.

Like all of David Moody’s end of the world stories, the story is in the journey not the disaster.  The reader/listener is taken along on the ride and once it begins Moody’s storytelling will not let them go until all is said and done.  I never wanted to put this book down, not even when it ended.

The book’s narrator carried the book with great vocal expertise that kept the listener to the audiobook strapped in.

Publisher’s Summary
The sun is dying. The temperature around the world is rising by the hour with no sign of any respite. At this rate the planet will soon become uninhabitable; all life extinguished. It might be weeks away, it might be days…we may only have hours remaining. Society is crumbling. The burning world is descending into chaos.

Steven Johnson’s wife is hundreds of miles away and all that matters is reaching her before the end. He has to act now, no time to stop and think. Every second is precious. Tomorrow is too late.

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