Black River by Dean Koontz 

2937837Black River
by Dean Koontz
Read by Scott Brick
Listening Length: 2 hours and 10 minutes
Published October 1st 2007 by Audio Book Cafe

Remember the Microsoft Zune?  The audio player plus produced to rival the iPod?  Well I’ve got one and when they became a bit popular again (thanks to “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”) I was tempted to sell mine on Ebay, but just couldn’t.  So I started looking at what I had on my Zune.  Lo and behold there was this audiobook that Audible and Zune gave away as a cross promotion.  Being a fan of Koontz, I first wondered how did I let this slip by, then decided to listen.  It was fun powering up the ol’ Zune.

What amazed me even more about my not having listened to this audiobook was that it was narrated by my absolute favorite audiobook voice, Scott Brick.  Scott Brick has a great way of bringing any book to life, whether it is any of the books in the Frank Herbert’s (or his son’s) Dune series, to “In Cold Blood,” Scott Brick is the best.

This book follows a screenwriter wanting to get away from the Hollywood scene and settle in a nice little town.  He finds himself in Black River and decides it would be the perfect place to settle down.  But when a local exclaims loudly in a crowded diner how this town doesn’t want his Hollywood type and then the waitress spills water on his lap, Bo, the screenwriter, wants nothing to do with this town and that maybe the next town down the road will be “the One.”

The problems start when Bo tries to get out of town. First he is taken to jail as a suspected car thief,  his brand new SUV is impounded and later crushed.  With no way out of town, he is forced to stay in a local motel.  Things only get worse for Bo, he soon finds that something is keeping him in town.

If you are a Dean Koontz fan you know that the story will soon take a dark, mysterious twist.  What is it that won’t let Bo leave?  I cannot tell you that because that would totally spoil the story.  In fact I’ve said too much.

If you can still find this audiobook it is worth the listen, especially if you are a Dean Koontz or Twilight Zone fan.

Publisher’s Summary
Master of suspense Dean Koontz creates an undercurrent of terror in this story set deep in the dark and troubled town of Black River.
Burned-out Hollywood screenwriter Bo Aikens is fed up with life in Los Angeles. He heads out of the hustle and bustle of the big city and arrives in picturesque Black River in Northern California, seeking relaxation and artistic inspiration. In small, idyllic Black River, nearly everyone is happy, contented, and welcoming of strangers. But despite the beautiful setting, Bo begins to feel unsettled after several disturbing incidents. He discovers that all of his money has been transferred to a bank account in Black River, and a house has been purchased for him by someone on “his” instructions.

Troubled by various, peculiar twists of fate, Bo decides to leave Black River. As he becomes entangled in a nightmarish plot, preventing his return home, it suddenly seems clear to Bo that his perfect little hideaway captures more than just the imagination of its visitors.

“Black River” appeared in print in Mystery Scene Magazine #63 in 2000.
©1999 Dean Koontz (P)2007 Audible Inc.