Near Enemy (A Spademan Novel) By: Adam Sternbergh 

40036700Near Enemy (A Spademan Novel)
By: Adam Sternbergh
Narrated by: Arthur Morey
Length: 9 hrs and 5 mins
Published 2015 Random House Audio

Okay first off, I wish I would have know this was the second book in a series before jumping in.  Only because it would have been nice to have a little background on the characters before running into this story.  However, that was not necessary, this book can be read as a standalone book because all the backstories are developed as the book moves along and all previous events are mentioned enough to get that background.  Saying that, I still intend on going back to read the previous Spademan novel just because this story was so good.

The near future and New York City is a toxic wasteland due to terrorists dirty bombs.  The residents that remain have an escape in the limnosphere, a sort of virtual reality world where all your wildest fantasies can come true without any consequences in the real world.  Well that was what everyone believed.  You see, when you are living out this virtual fantasy you can’t die in the limnosphere, or rather you can die there but your body in the real world is fine.  Until now.

Rumors are jumping around that some terrorist group has found a way to kill you in the limnosphere which is permanent in the real world as well.  That’s where the Spademan comes in, armed with his boxcutter he finds the “bed hoppers” (persons that spy on other people in the limnosphere from the shadows.)  When one dies in the limnosphere and his body is also found dead the hunt begins.

A sci-fi romp through virtual reality, religion, terrorism and just plain New Yorkers doing what they do, “Near Enemy” is a nice piece of work that technologically doesn’t seem too far off in the future.  Arthur Morey does great as the lead character’s voice and delivers the story that just sucks you in as a listener.

Publisher’s Summary
The Taut, Unflinching New Thriller from Adam Sternbergh, Author of the Critically-Acclaimed Shovel Ready

New York is toxic – decimated by a dirty bomb years ago. The limnosphere is a virtual safe haven – if you’re rich enough to buy in. Spademan is a hit man – box-cutter at the ready.

His latest job is to snuff out Lesser, a lowlife lurking around other people’s fantasies. As Spademan is about to close the deal, Lesser comes back from the limn with a wild claim: terrorists are planning to attack New York. Again. This time from the inside out.

The warning sends Spademan down a dark path full of unsavory characters and startling revelations. A shadowy political fixer tells him of a long-running power struggle that goes all the way to City Hall. A brilliant Egyptian radical brings Spademan to the mysterious far-reaches of the limn. And a beautiful nurse holds the secret to what, and who, is behind these attacks – and she seems to want to help Spademan stop them. But he works best alone. Or so he thinks.

Spademan has always had his share of enemies, but now they’re coming at him from all sides and it’s impossible to know whom to trust. To stay sharp, his only option might be the one thing he swore he’d never do again.

©2015 Adam Sternbergh (P)2015 Random House Audio