“Trump Is F*cking Crazy (This Is Not a Joke)” By Keith Olbermann

38596068“Trump Is F*cking Crazy
(This Is Not a Joke)”
By Keith Olbermann
Narrated by: Keith Olbermann
Length: 16 hrs and 6 mins
Published October 17th 2017 by Penguin Audio

Sad but true.

I don’t really know what I was expecting when picking out this audiobook.  I knew it was anti-Trump.  But I thought it would just be like a talk radio rant, in the same vein as a Rush Limbaugh rant or Sean Hannity rant, or any other career political broadcaster.  But what made me sad was that Olbermann simply took Donald Trump’s tweets and repeated them.

Starting from 45’s campaign in 2016 all the way through the summer of his first year as president, Olbermann would take the tweets and relate them to news stories at the time.  The most interesting were the tweets related to Russia and the buildup of the investigation.  The tweets were nothing but denials at first, but then built up to many saying the equivalent of 45 saying, “I never said that.”  I guess technically he didn’t, he tweeted it.

This collection combined with the Olbermann “Op-Ed” sections creates a unique view of the first two years of 45’s assault on America.  This is something that could only be done in this information age.  Gone are the days when a President could deny saying something, and hoping the world forgot.  The problem today is that with the internet fact checking is easier when you can go back at your leisure and actually watch the video of the quote or situation in question.

Yeah, Olberman does deliver his book in a bit of a rant state of mind, but I think that made the book much more fun and a lot less depressing.  Keep in mind this book has its humorous moments, but it is not a joke.

Lots of yelling, lots of questions, lots of facts.


Publisher’s Summary
Witty, acerbic, hard-hitting, and timely, Keith Olbermann’s Donald Trump commentaries come adapted from his hit GQ series The Resistance.

Since Donald Trump’s presidential nomination, Keith Olbermann has emerged as one of the web’s most popular anti-Trump screedists – each installment of his GQ web series The Resistance receives nearly four million views, and his fiercely progressive monologues have garnered a new generation of fans and followers. In Trump Is F*cking Crazy, Olbermann takes our commander in chief and his politics apart with journalistic acuity and his classic in-your-face humor. With more than 50 individual essays adapted from his GQ commentaries, including new up-to-the-minute material, Trump Is F*cking Crazy is an essential listen for concerned citizens who – like Olbermann – refuse to normalize or accept our new political reality.

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