“The Sun & the Moon & the Rolling Stones” By Rich Cohen 

26891546“The Sun & the Moon & the Rolling Stones”
By Rich Cohen
Narrated by: Rich Cohen
Length: 11 hrs and 12 mins
Published May 10th 2016 by Random House Audio

For the longest period of my life, I was not a fan of the Rolling Stones.  I know, there are a few gasps out there, but hey, they had to grow on me, and I guess it took 50 years.  Still I can’t say I like all of their stuff.  What stands out as good Rolling Stones Music is from the “Beggar’s Banquet” album (1968) to “Tattoo You” (1981).  But that selection was only decided upon back around 2010.  Before that, at best, I would hear them but not really listen.  Once I  read Keith Richard’s autobiography, “Life,” I was very intrigued.  I became a fan, not so much as to spend half my paycheck to go see them in concert but enough to actually stop and listen to their music.  I even went out and bought a couple of their records.  (yes I listen to vinyl)

This book brought to light a new view of the band for me.  This time I was listening to an audiobook written by an outsider.  Rich Cohen had been assigned by Rolling Stone Magazine to follow the Stones on tour in the Mid-90s and through that put together some insight into the Stones.

While the bulk of Rich Cohen’s insight does come from the Mid-90s tour, Cohen is able to put together a very interesting history of the band.  Cohen covers all the important events, from the members meeting to form the band, to the death of Brian Jones, to Altamont, and beyond.

Cohen narrating the audiobook is a big plus.  You get his point of view 100 percent and this makes the story much more interesting than just another rehashing of the career of a band we all know.  Even when I wasn’t a “fan” I knew much of their story.  This time around I was able to get a real feel for all the experiences.

This book needs to be on the list of every Rock fan.

Publisher’s Summary
A gritty, one-of-a-kind backstage account of the world’s greatest touring band, from the opinionated music journalist who was along for the ride as a young reporter for Rolling Stone in the 1990s

One of the Top Five Rock Biographies of the Year (San Francisco Chronicle)
One of the Best Books of the Year (Kirkus Reviews)

A book inspired by a lifelong appreciation of the music that borders on obsession, Rich Cohen’s fresh and galvanizing narrative history of the Rolling Stones begins with the fateful meeting of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on a train platform in 1961 – and goes on to span decades, with a focus on the golden run – from the albums Beggars Banquet (1968) to Exile on Main Street (1972) – when the Stones were at the height of their powers. Cohen is equally as good on the low points as the highs, and he puts his finger on the moments that not only defined the Stones as gifted musicians schooled in the blues, but as the avatars of so much in our modern culture. In the end, though, after the drugs and the girlfriends and the bitter disputes, there is the music – which will define, once and forever, why the Stones will always matter.

“Fabulous…. The research is meticulous…. Cohen’s own interviews even yield some new Stones lore.” (The Wall Street Journal)

“[Cohen] can catch the way a record can seem to remake the world [and] how songs make a world you can’t escape.” (Pitchfork)

“No one can tell this story, wringing new life even from the leathery faces of mummies like the Rolling Stones, like Rich Cohen…. The book beautifully details the very meaning of rock ’n’ roll.” (New York Observer)

“Masterful…. Hundreds of books have been written about this particular band and [Cohen’s] will rank among the very best of the bunch.” (Chicago Tribune)

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