“Mandela: An Audio History” By Nelson Mandela

51ky8SyAOCL._SL500_Mandela: An Audio History
By: Nelson Mandela
Narrated by: Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Joe Richman
Length: 1 hr and 17 mins
Release date: 02-05-14
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History told through the use of recorded media.  This unique audiobook gives the listener the feel of the times when Mandela was on trial by giving them the actual recording of the trial.  Not only the trial but recordings of speeches from pirate radio broadcasts and secret tapings.

Overall I would recommend the listener be a little familiar with Nelson Mandela and what he stood for before listening.  The recordings just jump right in and without apologies punch you in the gut with cold hard facts.  In retrospect it’s hard to believe such times could have existed, but looking at some of today’s headlines, it becomes easier to understand how they did and still do.  Hopefully humanity will get over this ignorance, and maybe these recordings can help.

I found myself completely drawn in to the story unfolding through these recordings.  The emotions are there but not written, rather the emotions come out as the story unfolds and the injustice becomes apparent.  What I appreciated most was that it was just pure facts left for the listener to comprehend and interpret.

This should be on every high school listening list.

Publisher’s Summary
Audie Award, Audiobook of the Year, 2015

Recognized as one of the most comprehensive oral histories of apartheid ever broadcast (NPR, BBC, CBC, SABC), Mandela: An Audio History tells the story of the struggle against apartheid through rare sound recordings. The series weaves together more than 50 first-person interviews with an unprecedented collection of archival sound: a rare recording of the 1964 trial that resulted in Mandela’s life sentence; a visit between Mandela and his family secretly taped by a prison guard; marching songs of guerilla soldiers; government propaganda films; and pirate radio broadcasts from the African National Congress (ANC).

Once thought lost forever, Radio Diaries producer Joe Richman unearthed a treasure trove of these historic recordings in the basement archive of the South African Broadcasting Corporation. Ultimately, over 50 hours of archival recordings and many more hours of contemporary interviews with the living witnesses to South Africa’s turbulent history have gone into the creation of one of the most moving audio documentaries ever produced.

Includes a commemorative 32-page booklet featuring historic photos and a complete transcript of the audio program.

Download the accompanying reference guide.
©2004 Original Material © 2004-2014 Radio Diaries, Inc. Packaging © 2014 HighBridge Company. (P)2014 2014 Radio Diaries, Inc.