The Bones of Jack by Bill Lindsay

14565234The Bones of Jack
by Bill Lindsay
92 pages
Published September 17th 2010 by Xlibris Corporation

I met the author of this book at a comic convention of sorts, and took the time to let him talk me into reading this book. This independent author discovered a story about Springheel Jack, a man who could actually be referred to as the original Batman. The English folklore that covers Jack talks about how he invented different apparatus to fight crime. That’s one of the stories anyhow. Most of the stories play him as a villain who attacked women.

Bill Lindsay takes the story a little further where to young Englishmen find the remains of Jack along with his inventions and decide to become heroes. Their adventures are fun and action-packed. Sometimes they don’t go as planned. But they try.

Support the independent artists and writers. This independent is a nice short read that can be enjoyed by anyone ages 10 – 100.

Publisher’s Summary
Spring heeled Jack! Here is a twist on the Victorian era villain, who terrorized London in the 1800s. With burning red eyes, clawed hands, blue flame breath, and able to leap to impossible heights, Jack became a household fright for those who traveled by night and children who wouldn’t get to bed. In this action-packed book, two Englishmen find the infamous villain’s remains stuck in a chimney and begin to perpetuate his legend. This short, but sweet story will keep you enthralled as our two heroes bumble their way through an imitation of one of England’s most interesting legends. A good book to read on a cold, dark night or during the Halloween season. This book is also illustrated by the author with detailed and humorous sketches to help visualize the whole story(almost like watching a video). So pick up a copy and be amused by this tale of Victorian terror and humor, while enjoying the visual story.