Tau Ceti by Kevin J. Anderson & Steven Savile

taucetiTau Ceti
by Kevin J. Anderson & Steven Savile
204 pages
Publisher: Phoenix Pick (May 4, 2013)

I just can’t seem to get enough of Kevin J. Anderson. I picked up this book from the only because Anderson had written it. Once I took a real long look and just before I started reading I noticed another author’s name on the book; Steven Savile.

Further investigation told me that this is actually 2 novellas, the first being a story by a well known sci-fi author (Kevin J. Anderson) and the second a sequel by an up and comer (Steven Savile). In my youth i remember buying books that were 2 stories in one in a flip book type of set up. Being on my Kindle, the fun of the flip book was lost but the great story was not.

The first story tells of the generation ship, The Beacon, and it’s 200 year journey to a planet orbiting the star of Tau Ceti. Earth is dying but as humanity’s last hope a ship with lots of families to carry on humanity’s seeds is sent to carry on life on other planets. The Beacon is near the end of its journey and is preparing for entry into the Tau Ceti system. The families onboard will colonize the new planet and humanity will continue.

Meanhwile back on earth a dictator, President Jurudu, has taken over and the planet has somewhat recovered its near death experience. Even technology has advanced. So much so that Earth has created a faster than life ship, The Conquistador. The Conquistador can be sent to Tau Ceti and arrive just months ahead of the slowship. President Jurudu sees his ship taking over and enslaving the families on the Beacon.

The second story takes place in the aftermath of the meeting of the 2 ships and shows the colonization process taking place on the new planet. This new planet is still not safe from threats from old Earth.

I loved the concept of 2 writers telling one continuous story. I will admit there were moments in both novellas where the story moved slow and could have used some tightening up, but overall the stories were great science fiction with a focus on the attitudes of the world we live in today.

I would be very interested in other books in this series where an up and comer writes a sequel to an established author’s story. So, I guess I’m saying, “Phoenix Pick, I’m coming for more.”

Publisher’s Summary
Main Story by Kevin J. Anderson. Sequel Novelette by Steven Savile. The Stellar Guild Series.

Jorie Taylor has lived her whole life on the generation ship Beacon. Fleeing an Earth tearing itself apart from its exhaustive demand for resources, the Beacon is finally approaching Sarbras, the planet circling Tau Ceti they hope to make humanity’s new home.

But Earth has recovered from its near-death experience and is now under the control of a ruthless dictator whose sights are set on Tau Ceti as well. President Jurudu knows how to get what he wants-and he wants Sarbras.