Agnostic: A Spirited Manifesto By Lesley Hazelton

25894086 (1)Agnostic: A Spirited Manifesto
By Lesley Hazelton
Narrated by Lesley Hazleton
Length: 4 hrs and 6 mins
Release date: 04-05-16
Publisher: Penguin Audio

Being a full-fledged ordained atheist, I was very intrigued by this book.  Growing up I was forced to attend either a Baptist Church or a Presbyterian Church.  I had no say in the matter and I’m not so sure that the Presbyterian church attendance served as my punishment for staying out too late on Saturdays.  So what did I learn?  Well, hard to say other than If you party to hard god will force you to sit in a creaky old building where women in their 90s will sing loudly and out of key to force you to stop sinning.

So before I became an atheist, I had declared myself an Agnostic.  I thought there could have been an intelligence but that intelligence had yet to show his/herself in any form of organized religion in the United States.  I also felt that well, if Jesus died for my sins, then I’d better get to sinning or else he would have died in vain.    That’s what forced religion taught me.

Later in life I determined no divine deity could ever be in control because if so he/she were some cruel deity and enjoyed watching his/her creation suffer.  Look what they did to their own son in Christianity.  Look what was allowed to happen to the Jews through the ages.  How the African brought over to serve the white man followed the white man’s god is beyond me.  How can god let little children suffer and die?  Yeah my ranting could go on, but this is about Lesley Hazleton’s book.

Hazelton is able to explain why agnostics, and even atheists, can be proud of who they are.  So what is it to be agnostic.  Simply put,  just to be able to admit you have no idea what the answers to life’s great mysteries are, but to always be seeking those same answers.  Hazelton presents her case by bringing in science, psychology, philosophy and of course, theology.

If you are looking for an intriguing philosophical discussion on life, the universe, and everything, you could definitely give this book a place in your time on this earth.


Publisher’s Summary

A widely admired writer on religion celebrates agnosticism as the most vibrant and engaging – and, ultimately, the most honest – stance toward the mysteries of existence.

One in four Americans rejects any affiliation with organized religion, and nearly half of those under 30 describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious”. But as the airwaves resound with the haranguing of preachers and pundits, who speaks for the millions who find no joy in whittling the wonder of existence to a simple yes/no choice?

Lesley Hazleton does. In this provocative, brilliant book, she gives voice to the case for agnosticism, breaks it free of its stereotypes as watered-down atheism or amorphous “seeking”, and celebrates it as a reasoned, revealing, and sustaining stance toward life. Stepping over the lines imposed by rigid conviction, she draws on philosophy, theology, psychology, science, and more to explore, with curiosity and passion, the vital role of mystery in a deceptively information-rich world; to ask what we mean by the search for meaning; to invoke the humbling yet elating perspective of infinity; to challenge received ideas about death; and to reconsider what “the soul” might be.

Inspired and inspiring, Agnostic recasts the question of belief not as a problem to be solved but as an invitation to an ongoing, open-ended adventure of the mind.

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