“Battlefield Earth” By L. Ron Hubbard

11687180Battlefield Earth
By: L. Ron Hubbard
Full Cast Production
Length: 47 hrs and 32 mins
Release date: 06-06-16
Publisher: Galaxy Audio

We all know that books have the possibility to sweep us off to other worlds. In this case that other world is Earth in the year 3000.  Humans are slaves to the invading race of the Psychlos.  To the Psychlos the Earth is poisonous, however, minerals, especially gold, makes the planet necessary.  The Psychlos are strip-mining Earth and the humans are the slave labor to get the work done.  L. Ron Hubbard wrote some great science-fiction and this epic novel is one of the best.

Now take that same book and make it a full length audio drama and you have got the perfect escape. With great voice actors that create the characters to go along with the original music and sound effects. Listening to this already thrilling story of Earth’s conquest by an alien race and the battle to take it back, comes to full dimensional audio life. The listener will be placed in the middle of the action with this full on production.

Publisher’s Summary
Winner, 2017 APA Audie Awards – Excellence in Marketing

Earphones Award Winner

Best of 2016 Science Fiction Audiobook

In the year AD 3000, Earth is a barren wasteland, plundered of its natural resources by the millennium-long regime of taloned, gas-breathing, nine-foot alien conquerors from the planet Psychlo. Fewer than 35,000 humans survive in a handful of communities scattered across the face of a postapocalyptic Earth.

From a desolate village in the Rocky Mountains near what once was Denver, Colorado, a courageous young man named Jonnie Goodboy Tyler embarks on a hero’s journey to challenge the fearful myths of his people.

Enslaved by the sadistic Terl, the Psychlo security chief of Earth, Jonnie and a small band of survivors pit their quest for freedom against Terl’s ruthless ambition for personal wealth and power in a rebellion that erupts across the continents of Earth and the cosmic sprawl of the Psychlo empire, with the fate of the world, of mankind, and of the galaxies beyond in the balance.

Superlative quality – a new standard for all audiobooks.

Unlike any other audiobook ever produced. A fully immersive experience, this unabridged audiobook features more than 65 actors including Grammy Award-winning audiobook producer and narrator Stefan Rudnicki.

This state-of-the-art audio engineering has created a wholly cinematic soundtrack with:

47½ hours of pulse-pounding drama and action professionally recorded with high-definition sound.
A gorgeous cinematic soundtrack with full orchestral compositions and more than 150,000 sound effects.
A cast of more than 65 actors – many of whom are celebrity voices from TV, films, and games – performing 198 characters.
Written with a phenomenal burst of creative energy in a sustained eight-month period in 1980, and first published in October 1982, Battlefield Earth became a breakaway New York Times and international best seller, hailed as one of the classic science fiction novels.

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