“The Haunting Scripts of Bachelors Grove: If Only Death Meant the End” by Brian K Morris 

61UO0J1znhL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Haunting Scripts of Bachelors Grove: If Only Death Meant the End
by Brian K Morris (Author)
Paperback: 324 pages
Publisher: Freelance Words (January 25, 2018)
Charles D. Moisant (Introduction)
Trevor Erick Hawkins (Cover Design)

Another author I’m a fan of,  Brian K. Morris, seems to dabble in just about everything.  He’s got superhero books, he’s done some comic books (including the series “The Haunting Tales of Bachelors Grove” which created the need for this book,  He’s got some mashup humor/horror stories and a whole lot more.  The diversity alone should get you to read his stuff.

I had first met him when he set up a booth at a comic/gaming convention I helped create.  The first thing I read from Mr. Morris was a story about Bloodshot, a Valient comics mercenary/superhero, from there I knew I needed more.  I have since purchased many other of his books and will soon have them all reviewed here, at least if he slows down on the writing so I can catch up.  But I don’t see that happening.

The Bachelors Grove Cemetery comic book series is a project I feel I’m a part of, well because I am.  When I heard that he and Charles D. Moisant (the craziest man in comic books) had a Kickstarter campaign to launch the project, I jumped in.  As a result they have released issue #1 and are working on many more.  To top it off, since I contributed, I will be the subject of one of the stories in an upcoming issue.  The series is very reminiscent of the old horror comics like, “Eerie,” “Creepy” and others from back in the day.  I can’t wait to read my story.

This book is about the creation of that series with a couple of extra stories that fit in the same style.  That may be one of the reasons I picked this up, hoping my story would get the pre published treatment.  But, alas, no, I still have to wait.

One of the recommendations I can make for this book is for any future writer and especially a comic book writer.  Brian discusses the writing process and even publishes some of the stories from the first comic in their script form.  This is nice to see how an artist would receive the script and turn it into a comic.

The last part of the book contains some stories along the same vein of the comics but may be a bit long to include in the comic book.  The stories all center around one of America’s most haunted places, Bachelors Grove Cemetery. One of the stories felt a bit too real and I think the next time I see Mr. Morris, I may have to frisk him for daggers.

If you are a writer, a comic book reader, or just love good horror stories then make sure you pick up this book, it has a bit of everything.

Publisher’s Summary

Based on the real-life haunted cemetery, the book features comic scripts from The Haunting Tales of Bachelors Grove comic book, as well as advice on how to write comic horror and break into the independent comics market. The book also contains three brand new prose stories of mature horror, based on the Bachelors Grove legends