“ENEMIES & ALLIES – The Dark Knight Meets the Man of Steel” by Kevin J. Anderson 

17977877ENEMIES & ALLIES – The Dark Knight Meets the Man of Steel
by Kevin J. Anderson
Performed by a Full Cast
6 hrs.
Published 2009 by Graphic Audio

First of all I have to warn you that I may be a bit biased, I am a huge fan of Kevin J. Anderson. When I met him at a comic-con recently, I became fan-boy #1 and gushed. Hopefully, I didn’t embarrass myself.

Okay, so back to this book. This is the book that the Batman v. Superman movie SHOULD have been based on. This tells the story of how Batman and Superman met and based a relationship that started on distrust and leads to what can only be the formation of the Justice League. Okay I added in the that last part out of hope for a good DC movie. Anyway Superman reveals himself to be an alien, Lex Luthor re-directs Senator McCarthy to hunting aliens rather than communists. Batman, meanwhile is trying to determine what Superman’s agenda is, and Superman is trying to protect the world.

If you need to know how Superman and Batman met, use this book as your source. Great fun and with the Movie in your Mind aspect of GraphicAudio, this can replace that train wreck that was Batman v. Superman.

Sure, there are some anachronisms, but it’s a comic book, deal with it.