“The United States of Absurdity Untold Stories from American History” By Dave Anthony, Gareth Reynolds 

34961328The United States of Absurdity
Untold Stories from American History
By: Dave Anthony, Gareth Reynolds, Patton Oswalt – foreword
Narrated by: Dave Anthony, Gareth Reynolds
Length: 2 hrs and 47 mins
Release date: 05-09-17
Publisher: Random House Audio

A friend of mine steered me into the addiction that is The Dollop Podcast. I joined in after they have had several episodes out so have never had the time to go back and listen to them all.

The Dollop is an American History podcast hosted by 2 comedians who look at the bad parts of of American history that we are too ashamed to admit are part of our past.

This audiobook provided me the chance to catch up by hearing condensed versions of the past podcasts without losing the humor and fun of Dave Anthony & Gareth Reynolds. This book will reveal what has really been the the building blocks of this great country.

Once you listen to this audiobook (or even read the written version) you will want more, so then go out and subscribe to the Dollop podcast.

Publisher’s Summary
The creators of the podcast The Dollop present profiles of the weird, outrageous, NSFW, and downright absurd tales from American history that you weren’t taught in school.

The United States of Absurdity presents short, informative, and hilarious stories of the most outlandish (but true) people, events, and more from United States history. Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds cover the weird stories you didn’t learn in history class, such as 10-Cent Beer Night, the Jackson Cheese, and the Kentucky Meat Shower.

©2017 Dave Anthony (P)2017 Random House Audio