Captain America: Dark Designs by Stefan Petrucha

marvelcadd_1Captain America: Dark Designs
by Stefan Petrucha
Release Date: May 30, 2016
Published by Graphic Audio
Approximate Running Time: 6 Hours


So, our favorite super soldier, Captain America, is the perfect representation of the protection our country deserves. He will do anything to make sure the country and its people are safe. What happens if he finds he’s infected with an extinction level virus. If the virus infects anyone else the world will end. But Cap doesn’t have time to be quarantined, the sleeper robots from Nazi Germany have awoken and will battle only Captain America or destroy anything in their path.

This production from GraphicAudio brings to life the marvel universe in an audio presentation that delivers the punch that is a Movie in your Mind.


Publisher’s Summary
Captain America has battled soldiers, terrorists and villains of all kinds. Now he’ll face a far more complicated enemy: his own body.

When S.H.I.E.L.D. discovers that Cap is harboring an extinction-level pathogen hidden in his cells for decades, Cap’s greatest fear is realized: Until the virus can be cured, he’ll have to go into deep freeze. But he won’t be alone.

Years ago, Cap’s greatest enemy managed the biggest coup of his career when he implanted his mind into a clone of Steve Rogers’ body – virus and all. And Red Skull isn’t the sacrificial type.

Cap will have to put his archnemesis on ice – without exposing the virus. Can Cap stay alive along enough to capture Red Skull and return to his deepest nightmare?

It’s a battle for perfect symmetry!
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