The Original Skyman Battles the Master of Steam by Brian K. Morris 

33130538The Original Skyman Battles the Master of Steam
by Brian K. Morris, forward by Roy Thomas, Pat Boyette (Cover Illustrator)
Paperback: 390 pages
Publisher: Freelance Words (November 20, 2016)

Back in the Golden Age of comics superheroes were being born left and right, some stayed around others sort of faded out. Skyman unfortunately faded out. There was an attempt to bring him back in the late 80s but the company folded and alas, it was just not meant to be. Now thanks to author Brian K. Morris a prose novel of what is pretty much the origin story of Skyman can be read.

Allan Turner has millions of dollars and a massive education and trained himself in the many sports available. With the education he has become an inventor, with the millions he has the resources and with the athletics he is superhero bound. Upon his graduation Allan’s Uncle (who raised him since his parents died) is kidnapped by a representative of the Third Reich, the master of Steam (a steampunk villian).

This story is a fun action read that will suck you in and leave you wanting more. Brian K. Morris knows how to make each chapter end with the reader only wanting more, thus creating a book you just can’t put down.


Publisher’s Summary
A Nazi sympathizer wearing steam-driven armor has kidnapped the last of North America’s greatest scientists. Now socialite Allan Turner must battle the Master of Steam and his mob henchmen, as well as the FBI, to rescue his uncle.