“Counting Down the Rolling Stones: Their 100 Finest Songs” by Jim Beviglia 

Counting Down the Rolling Stones: Their 100 Finest Songs 26708836
by Jim Beviglia
Series: Counting Down
Hardcover: 222 pages
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (November 5, 2015)

The counting down series created by Jim Beviglia had me intrigued from the beginning. First off I’m a huge fan of music, all music, not just the Rolling Stones.  The other 2 books (so far) in the “Countdown” series by Beviglia are Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.  Having finished the Dylan book and absorbing it all in, I decided to pick this one up next, I don’t think there’s any particular order to read these and some folks may only read their favorite artists.  Being a fan of the 3 I will be reading them all, but not just because I’m a fan of the artists.

Jim Beviglia counts down the songs in such a way as to provoke some serious thought and insightful listening.  In fact, while reading the Dylan countdown I broke out my Dylan lyrics book and would read the lyrics before reading the section on each song.  For the Dylan book it seemed more appropriate than listening to the songs since Dylan is the bard of modern lyrics.  Beviglia would talk about the multiple meanings of lyrics, the musicians involved with each song and the recording process.  This time around I had to go one step further.  I figured The Stones’ lyrics are pretty simple and didn’t need to look up the lyrics.  I was actually pretty wrong on that aspect.  What I did do is have my phone handy and searched YouTube for original videos and would listen to each song as I read the section on each of Beviglia’s top 100 Stones songs.

This made for some pretty cool moments in which as I listened to the song and read the lyrics mentioned while reading would come through on the audio.  Now while counting down great songs by any musician is a bit of a selfish endeavor, Beviglia explains that his list is not the end all, be all, but I found I agreed on many of the songs, there were a few I would re-arrange the order, or maybe some I would drop off the list entirely, but getting the insight on musicians, writing and producing the songs was a great reward.

Now to see what he has to say about the Boss.

Publisher’s Summary
No band has ever been able to demonstrate the enduring power of rock and roll quite like the Rolling Stones, who continue to enthrall, provoke, and invigorate their legions of fans more than fifty years since they began. In Counting Down the Rolling Stones: Their 100 Finest Songs, rock writer Jim Beviglia dares to rank the band’s finest 100 songs in descending order.

Beviglia provides an insightful explanation about why each song deserves its place. Looking at the story behind the song and supplying a fresh take on the musical and lyrical content, he illuminates these unforgettable songs for new and diehard fans alike. Taken together, the individual entries in Counting Down the Rolling Stones tell a fascinating story of the unique personalities and incredible talents that made the Stones a band for the ages.

Counting Down the Rolling Stones is the perfect playlist builder, whether it is for the longtime fan or the newbie just getting acquainted with the work of Mick, Keith, and the boys.