“10,000 Miles” by Todd Black 

10,000 Miles38455413
by Todd Black
Paperback, 78 pages
Published February 7th 2018
by BlackMagicWolf Productions

I’ve been a fan of Todd Black’s comics for a couple of years now. Normally he releases one regular comic issue at a time. This time he’s put together a 78 page graphic novel telling the story of 2 kids who have always done the impossible. The story reminded me of those old Encyclopedia Brown stories I read as kid, without the detective work. They built a large treehouse in the middle of the park and anything else people said was impossible. The tragedy comes when the both of them are about to be separated by life’s ongoing changes. So they get to going on one last impossible task, digging their way to China.

Todd has a way in his storytelling that leads the reader in one direction and turns you around with a surprise that leaves you satisfied. Not quite an M. Night Shyamalan twist but just enough to be interesting. Together with Todd Black’s wordsmithery (yes that is now a word) and Alex Garcia’s artwork, the story becomes an independent author’s Pixar production.

Publisher’s Summary

Bryce and Chris have spent their lives doing the “impossible”. But life is about split them up, and there’s nothing they can do about it. That is, except go on one last grand adventure. They’re digging their way to China!

Todd Black (2018)