“Infinite Tuesday – An Autobiographical Riff” By Michael Nesmith 

Infinite Tuesday – An Autobiographical Riff31540112
By: Michael Nesmith
Narrated by: Michael Nesmith
Length: 10 hrs and 4 mins
Release date: 04-18-17
Publisher: Random House Audio

From the invention of Liquid Paper to the invention of MTV, Michael Nesmith’s life is not one of just luck, but of knowing where trends are headed. Mike’s mother, by the way, is the one that invented Liquid Paper and developed a successful company, but that ingenuity was definitely passed down to MIke. This autobiography read by the Author himself takes you from Texas to becoming a music/television star and then what really happens when one is able to view trends and know where entertainment is going.

The interesting part is finding out who Michael Nesmith’s friends were; Jack Nicholson, Timothy Leary, Douglas Adams and other will tell you how this Christian Scientist’s creative mind developed over the years. Through legal battles and a massive inheritance, or rather one that can definitely allow someone to live comfortably, the reader/listener gets to know the best Monkee.

Publisher’s Summary

Michael Nesmith’s eclectic, electric life spans his star-making role on The Monkees, his invention of the music video, and his critical contributions to movies, comedy, and the world of virtual reality. Above all, his is a seeker’s story, a pilgrimage in search of a set of principles to live by. That search took Nesmith from a childhood in Dallas, where his single mother, Bette, invented Liquid Paper, to the set of The Monkees in Los Angeles, to the heart of swinging London with John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix, and to an unexpected oasis of brilliance in the Santa Fe desert, where his friendships with Douglas Adams and Los Alamos scientists would point him toward the power of the infinite and the endless possibilities of human connection.

This funny, thoughtful, self-aware book is a window onto an unexpected life, inflected at every turn by the surprising candor and absurdist humor of an American original. Listening to Infinite Tuesday is like stepping into the world of Michael Nesmith, where something curious is always unfolding, and where riffs on everything from bands to dogs to the nature of reality make for an endlessly engaging journey.

©2017 Michael Nesmith (P)2017 Random House Audio