“Bloodshot: The Coldest Warrior” (Kindle Worlds Novella) Kindle Edition by Brian K. Morris 

Bloodshot: The Coldest Warrior (Kindle Worlds Novella) Kindle Edition51la8V93P8L._SY346_
by Brian K. Morris
87 pages
Publisher: Kindle Worlds (October 9, 2013)
Publication Date: October 10, 2013
Release date: 06-09-15

Some folks can’t wait for their favorite comic book to come to the big screen, only to be let down because the big screen didn’t capture what they picture their hero to be (see any DC comics based movie). In this novella Brian K. Morris has brought Bloodshot to life better than Hollywood ever could. The descriptive prose used to convey what is going on in Bloodshot’s nanite infested body makes the reader expand past the imaginative realms of comic books and create their own world of secret government agencies and unlikely heroes

Publisher’s Summary

Bloodshot is the perfect assassin, a more-than-human WMD who must stay one step ahead of his creators so that he might discover the truth about his past.

However, Project Rising Spirit wants their living weapon back and they’ll do anything to capture him if they can, destroy him if they must.

While traveling though a small town, Bloodshot discovers a decades-old computer that shouldn’t know his name, but it does.

When Bloodshot’s nanite-fueled abilities vanish, he is tossed into the deadly heart of a decades-old government mystery that may be a key element in his own creation. But to learn that secret could spell his death at the hands of the last Cold Warrior.

And why does a Project Rising Spirit agent want to kill the old man with the nicest lawn in town? What is this widower’s secret that may spell the end of Bloodshot?

©2013 Brian K. Morris