“Hammurabi Road A Tale of Northern Ontario Vengeance” By Steve Vernon 

Hammurabi Road39714597
A Tale of Northern Ontario Vengeance
By: Steve Vernon
Narrated by: Robert Thaler
Length: 2 hrs
Release date: 10-13-17
Publisher: Stark Raven Press

Every so often I’m asked to review a book out of the blue.  Sometimes it’s good but a lot of times the book becomes something utterly horrible.  This book came out of the blue and I had no idea what to expect.  However, it was NOT horrible.  In fact it was actully pretty intriguing.

When I receive these requests, for better or for worse, I don’t read the reviews, summaries or anything else, I just jump right into them.  I had no idea what I was getting into but I was jumping in.

The first thing that intrigued me was the delivery of the narrator, Robert Thaler.  He presented the book as if he and you (as the listener) were just passing around a flask and a joint and telling stories.  He portrays the part with accents and pauses that immediately sucks you into the story.

The story consists of 3 Canadian redneck friends seeking revenge for a hotel fire in which they lost friends and family.  The man, Tyree, who is the subject of their revenge claims he didn’t do it. But someone has to be blamed, so the 3 take Tyree to the middle of nowhere to execute him Canadian redneck style.  Along the way a black bear decides to tangle with the group, which leads to an extremely bizarre bear fight and hallucinations (maybe?).

Very intriguing, dark story about redneck revenge.  Funny but in a dark way, so right up my alley.  If you are a fan of Stephen King you will like this story.


Publisher’s Summary
Hammurabi Road is a dark redneck-noir novella of retribution, backwoods justice, and getting closer to a black bear than was ever dreamed possible. We start off with the eternal triangle – four men ride out in a pick-up truck; three in front and one duct-taped and bound in the back. It is a clear-cut case of Northern Ontario railroad vengeance, served up as cold as a frozen hunting knife. Fans of the movie and television series Fargo are going to love Hammurabi Road.

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