“Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time” By Colin Meek 

Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time1473177
By: Colin Meek
Performance by: Sylvester McCoy, Stephen Fry, John Sessions, full cast
Length: 3 hrs and 15 mins
Radio/TV Program
Release date: 01-19-05
Publisher: BBC Worldwide Limited

While the story was fun and hearing Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor in action. This BBC recording was done after the series had first ended. And here’s where the fun extends; after the audiobook is over there are some extra features. Such as various interviews and promotions for the audio series. One of the interviewees states there is no way that Doctor Who will ever return. (I’m glad he/she has.) Then in another interview says no one will ever need the internet for video or audio programs. (I can’t imagine a world without Netflix and chill.)

These interviews, while being entertaining, created a bit of a confused state for a moment or two. You see, these interviews were with writers and actors of the series. So the writers and actors from that era of Who may not have imagination, glad to know someone did.

Anyway this is a very good episode of Doctor Who, too bad it was only a BBC Audio, I would have loved to have seen this episode. Hearing the original actors only made it that much better.

Publisher’s Summary

Sylvester McCoy, Stephen Fry, and John Sessions star in an action-packed adventure specially created for audio.

The Doctor and Antimony arrive on the planet Santiny, just as it comes under attack by General Tannis and his Canisian battle fleet. Meanwhile, his other companion, Ace, finds herself under the guidance of the mysterious Casmus, who seems to foresee an important and unusual role in store for her. As the adventure lurches from Santiny to contemporary London and on to Gallifrey, it becomes clear that the Canisians’ next target is to be Earth.

First webcast on BBCi and also starring Sophie Aldred, Anthony Stewart Head, and Leonard Fenton, this original audio adventure unites elements of the Doctor’s past with bold and original ideas for his future.

Don’t miss any of the Doctor Who episodes.

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