“The Jesus Incident” By Frank Herbert, Bill Ransom 

The Jesus Incident18985343
By: Frank Herbert, Bill Ransom
Narrated by: Scott Brick
Series: The Pandora Sequence, Book 1
Length: 16 hrs and 42 mins
Release date: 11-04-14
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.

The first thing I have to say is that, once again Frank Herbert was ahead of the curve. This book talks about Pandora, a new planet suitable for humans yet still extremely dangerous. James Cameron’s Pandora is eerily close in description to Herbert’s Pandora, and Herbert did it first back in 1979. Frank Herbert and his family must be accustomed to sci-fi borrowing from his stories, most of the original Star Wars movie was borrowed from the Dune series, but I won’t get into that here.

Not only does this book give us the adventure of making humanity work on another planet, but it gives us the concept of an artificial intelligence thinking it is God and forcing the humans and others to worship it. Herbert was always great about bringing religion into his sci-fi stories. The mythos created by Frank Herbert is always justified and acceptable, never forced. If you think about it, what is a good sci-fi without some sort of religious deity?

In this case the deity, being the intelligent ship that has decided if no one worships it they must be destroyed, but before that it gives the humans a test if they pass they can live. There are moments when the creation of a religion talk becomes a bit boring but with the excitement of the dangerous plants and creatures always looming the story itself never becomes boring.

The creatures on this deadly planet are some of the most original I’ve heard in a sci-fi story. They all not only threaten humanity but have a purpose for existence, or rather a reason for evolving the way they did. No details dropped in this story.

Once again Scott Brick delivers with his storytelling talent that make any audiobook narrated by him worth picking up. Grab this one and enjoy.

Publisher’s Summary

The last survivors of humanity have just been deposited on Pandora, a horrific, poisonous planet rife with deadly nerve-runners, hooded dashers, airborne jellyfish, and intelligent kelp. The determined colonists attempt to establish a bridgehead on the deadly, inhospitable planet, but more trouble arises. Their sentient ship – backed up by an impressive array of armaments – has decided it is God and is insisting the colonists find appropriate ways to worship it.

In an attempt to help the people pass its test, Ship awakens chaplain-psychiatrist Raja Flattery from hibernation. Either the humans pass the test – or the human race could be destroyed.

©1979, 2011 Herbert Properties, LLC, and Bill Ransom (P)2014 Blackstone Audio, Inc.