“Diary of a Mad Diva” By: Joan Rivers 

Diary of a Mad Diva24850667
By: Joan Rivers
Narrated by: Joan Rivers
Length: 6 hrs and 50 mins
Release date: 07-01-14
Publisher: Penguin Audio

Before we go any further, if you are a sensitive person stay away from this book! The book is full of off color humor, most of the time very harsh. The humor is based on insults for the most part. Realistically if you are a fan of Joan Rivers you will know what to expect. She was one of the last great insult comics. Some of her humor is self deprecating and it is just as rough as the insults. I mean, c’mon with the dedication going out to Kanye West because he’ll never f’ing read it, you know this is going to be a rough ride.

Let me now touch on this audiobook version. The nice thing is that it is read by Joan herself. It was nice to hear her voice again. She was definitely one of a kind. Her delivery of this book is as if she were doing a 7 hour standup routine separated by topics. I’m sure some of the audiobook is improvised, but not having the text, I cannot prove that. But I’ll go on thinking she was performing just for me.

Being her last book, I like to think of this as her big send off to the great unknown. It’s like she had some things to get off her chest before she left us, and she does. I happen to like her humor and enjoyed the book. Anytime an audiobook can make me laugh out lout for real, I love it. This one made me laugh so much that there were times I had to “rewind” to hear what I missed while laughing. Again, I have to say I am a fan of her humor, not many people are, so just be prepared.

Publisher’s Summary

Winner of the 2015 Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album

Following up the phenomenal success of her headline-making New York Times bestseller I Hate Everyone…Starting With Me, the unstoppable Joan Rivers is at it again. When her daughter Melissa gives her a diary for Christmas, at first Joan is horrified – who the hell does Melissa think she is? That fat pig, Bridget Jones? But as Joan, being both beautiful and introspective, begins to record her day-to-day musings, she realizes she has a lot to say. About everything. And everyone, God help them.

The result? A no-holds-barred, delightfully vicious and always hilarious look at the everyday life of the ultimate diva. Follow Joan on a family vacation in Mexico and on trips between New York and Los Angeles where she mingles with the stars, never missing a beat as she delivers blistering critiques on current events, and excoriating insights about life, pop culture, and celebrities (from A to D list), all in her relentlessly funny signature style.

This is the Diary of a Mad Diva. Forget about Anais Nin, Anne Frank, and that whiner Sylvia Plath. For the first time in a century, a diary by someone that’s actually worth reading.

©2014 Joan Rivers (P)2014 Penguin Audiobooks