“Bäckström: He Who Kills the Dragon” By: Leif GW Persson

Bäckström: He Who Kills the Dragon51HXKF64imL._SL500_
By: Leif GW Persson
Narrated by: Erik Davies
Series: Evert Bäckström, Book 2
Length: 14 hrs and 4 mins
Release date: 01-20-15
Publisher: Random House Audio

Sometime back Rainn Wilson had a role as Detective Bäckström on the series “Bäckström.” It was interesting, not enough to make me upset when it wasn’t renewed, but okay enough for me to come back each week to catch the next episode. Bäckström is this, well, sort of a bigot and alcoholic, and he hates everyone. It did provide some entertaining episodes but sometimes a bit too cliché.

So now wondering what got this series started I found out about this series of books based in Sweden, Bäckström is even more non-pc than the TV series. Always grumpy and being told to take care of his health, Bäckström is the guy you love to hate. Not quite as loveable as Archie Bunker, but close.

I have to say that the narrator, Erik Davies, could have stepped it up a bit. There were times when I nearly fell asleep because of his droning. But the story kept me interested enough to not stop listening. Normally when something is bad about a book, I’ll stop and move on to the next, life is to short to waste on bad books. By the way, that is why it is rare to find a bad review from me. If the book is bad, I put it away.

It seems that homicide Detectives are the same around the world and that was the saving grace, many of the same formulas to catch a killer worked here. Many of the words, people, and locations were confusing or hard to understand but if you want a good homicide story it is there hidden under the bad narrating.

Publisher’s Summary

From a master of Scandinavian crime fiction – the first in a brilliant series of novels centered around the investigations of one irascible, obdurate, and very thirsty Swedish police officer: Detective Superintendent Evert Bäckström of the National Murder Squad.

Detective Bäckström is Persson’s persistently repulsive yet undeniably brilliant comic creation – an unforgettable cop winding his way through the black comedy of a crime scene, and managing to upset nearly everyone in the process. When a newspaper delivery boy finds a 68-year-old alcoholic lying dead in his apartment – beaten with a saucepan lid and hammer, and then strangled – everyone expects an open-and-shut murder case, everyone that is but Hawaiian-shirt clad Detective Bäckström who’s been assigned to lead the investigation team. Under strict orders from his doctor to improve his health as quickly as possible, Bäckström has begun stumbling to work on foot, and even eating vegetables. The police force isn’t what it used to be though, and now that it’s crowded with women and foreigners resisting a drink is harder than ever before. But when the newspaper boy goes missing, Bäckström’s suspicions are proven correct, giving his irrepressible mix of luck and laziness a chance to save the day, while managing to upset nearly everyone in the process.

©2015 Leif GW Persson (P)2014 Random House Audio