Audiobook Review: “Spider-Man: Drowned in Thunder: by Christopher L. Bennett 


Audiobook Review: “Spider-Man: Drowned in Thunder”

by Christopher L. Bennett

Multi-Cast Performance

Produced by GraphicAudio

Approximate Running Time: 5 Hours

There just aren’t enough Marvel Comics based audiobooks. I could just listen for days to audiobooks based on the super-heroes from Marvel. Luckily GraphicAudio has just started down the trail of producing some Marvel comics auciobooks. Early this year the story arc turned novel “Civil War” was produced and just as with any audio production from GraphicAudio, they came out with guns-a-blazin’.

Since 2004 GraphicAudio has been producing top quality audiobooks in the fantasy, science-fiction, post-apocalypse, western and comics genres. They use highly talented vocal actors mixed with super-realistic sound effects and superb music segues to create what they promise as “A Movie in Your Mind.” These productions are perfect for the comic-book genre, in that they are able to bring to full audio life the graphic intensive comic books. GraphicAudio has been producing DC comics based audiobooks for a couple of years and turned this “Make-mine-Marvel” die hard fan into a DC fan. These productions put you, as the listener, right in the middle of all the action, and in the case of this book web-slinging right alongside Spidey.

Ever since I was able to read, I’ve been reading Spider-Man comics. With that being said, you can guess that I’m one of the biggest and most devoted fan of the webhead. So you can guess I’m gonna be picky. When the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie came out with Toby Maguire as Peter Parker / Spider-Man, I was stoked. Finally Spidey comes to the big screen. While I loved the movie for simply bringing Spidey’s story to film, I was very picky about some of the little things that took away from the web-slinger’s continuity ( i.e. the biologically created webs, rather than web-shooters). But there are none of those worries here.

Christopher Bennet’s story “Drowned in Thunder” is a nice peek at the life of Peter Parker and Spider-Man, in that no matter how much he tries there is always someone after him. Whether it is J. Jonah Jameson, editor of the Daily Bugle turned blogger, and his constant blaming Spidey for all the destruction or seeking fame. This time around Spider-Man is fighting an army of robots who at first seem as though they are controlled by Electro, a small time crook who is using these robots which were created to explore Mars to steal jewels from the Diamond District. The problem is Electro is not one of those types of villains, he’s just not that smart.

To add to that mystery Spider-Man’s Spidey-Sense is malfunctioning and he is getting false warnings, or worse, no warnings during battle. Tracking down a super-villain, finding out what is happening to his Spidey-sense, battling it out with Jameson, who blogs photos of the Peter Parker’s students who were injured in the last attack by Electro, all create this exciting adventure brought to full color audio life by GraphicAudio.

Sit down with a true audio comic book with a great story featuring the greatest super-hero ever. (IMHO).