“Gun Boss of Tumbleweed” by. L. Ron Hubbard 


“Gun Boss of Tumbleweed”
by. L. Ron Hubbard
Multi-cast performance
Produced by Galaxy Audio
Approx 2 hours

What I like about books would be a list that would deserve its own blog entry, but for right now I’ll summarize what that entry would contain. Books are great for learning new skills and ideas, but the best part of books would be the entertainment. I’m a big fan of the escapism provided by books. I talk to a few people that say that the more fantastical stories the less interested they are, for me it is just the opposite. The more fantastical the more chance I have to escape and enjoy the story. I’m one of those that just absorbs the story and allows it to unfold as I progress through the reading (or listening, in the case of audiobooks).

During the mid-20th century in the United States, the pre-cursor to comic books, Pulp magazines provided that escapism for the masses. These magazines were called pulps because of the cheap pulpy paper used in their printing. Usually selling for a dime an issue these magazines would contain thrilling stories in many genres. If you were a sci-fi fan you could get yourself a variety of stories from different magazines. If you were a fan of westerns they had you covered with many different western magazines. This time around in my diving into another group of stories by L. Ron Hubbard are from the western genre and even more specific from the same “Thrilling Westerns” magazine.

I was never a fan of westerns until I was introduced to these stories from Hubbard, even more specifically, through the audiobooks produced by Galaxy Audio. Galaxy Audio takes these already fun stories and through the magic of audio production turn these stories into perfect escapism stories. Mixing in the music between chapters creates the perfect transition, the original music fits the mood and settings of the stories so well you almost don’t notice it, but what you do notice you are more involved with the story for. The sound effects are so spot on that at times during the gunfights you’ll be dodging bullets, and on the trail rides you’ll be dusting off the trail dust. Mix that all in with the excellent voice actors used and you’ll find your 30 minute commute seeming to be over before you know it. Or like I did a couple of times, drive the long way home so that you can get as much listening time in as possible.

It is this high production value that makes these Hubbard westerns fantastical. The feeling that you are riding along or dodging bullets along with the heroes and villains. It is because of this that no matter what the genre, I will be anxiously waiting for any and all future releases from Galaxy Audio.

This time around the release contains two stories. The first and title story, “Gun Boss of Tumbleweed,” was originally published in the April, 1949 issue of “Thrilling Western” magazine. This story features Mart Kincaid who is a hired gun hand for Gar Malone, except the hiring was actually done through blackmail. Gar knows a secret about Mart’s brother and in order to keep that secret Gar forces Mart to do the dirty work. The latest job is to run the true owners off the Singing Canyon spread. Mart hates Gar and hates the jobs but does them to protect his brother. This particular job is the last straw for Mart and decides it’s time to make his last stand.

The next story, “Blood on His Spurs,” was originally published in the September, 1949 issue of “Thrilling Western” magazine. This time around a feud between two men, Bates and McLean, is put aside to save to save McLean’s son and stop a band of cattle rustlers.

Fun western adventures with audio production that will put you right in the middle of the action.