“Insane City” written and read by Dave Barry 


“Insane City”
written and read by Dave Barry
Published by Penguin Audio
Approx. 8 hours

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems that everything is going wrong? Yeah, me too, but multiply that day by a hundred and you still couldn’t get into the same amount of trouble as Seth Weinstein.

Seth Weinstein is the hero (of sorts) in the latest book by Dave Barry, “Insane City,” and he’s about to get married to a beautiful woman who also happens to be the daughter of one of the richest family in North America. As the book begins, Seth is wondering how he could have gotten so lucky. She’s beautiful, smart and rich and she’s marrying HIM? Well, Seth’s luck is about to change.

Dave Barry, for those of you not familiar with him, is a Pulitzer Prize winning humor writer. This is only the second book of his I’ve read, but each time the experience is non-stop laughs. With Barry doing the reading as well it is even better because as the listener you get the full idea of the concept behind the words. The sarcasm and dry wit come out even more than if you were to read the text. In fact, I can safely say this way the listener gets the full scope of Dave Barry’s intent in writing this book. His delivery is perfect and worth the listen.

Seth Weinstein is traveling with his groomsmen on the way to his wedding in Miami, Florida. Before his trip begins he has warned his best man, no strippers for the bachelor party, but before he can even get on the plane the practical jokes begin with the groomsmen putting a sex toy in Seth’s luggage and of course, the TSA has to search his luggage. After putting up with that nonsense, he thinks he’s avoided the worst, but this is not so, it only gets worse from there and it never gets better until the very end. The non-stop humor keeps this little adventure that begins with a taxi driver not able to get them to the right hotel, so they take their luggage out in order to find another cab, but end up getting drunk on South Beach instead. On South Beach they meet up with a man with a snake and his scantily clad woman friend. The scantily clad woman ends up trying to help Seth out in all the misadventures.

These misadventures consist of angry strippers, picking up parents in a pimped out pimp’s SUV in which a porn video won’t shut off, Russian gangsters, a fanatically secret group of powerful businessmen, marijuana brownies at the rehearsal dinner, a pirate ship shooting chicken nuggets at hired thugs and an orangutan named Trevor.

I will have to say the funniest part of the book for me is when the marijuana laced brownies get accidentally served at the rehearsal dinner and one of the richest men in the world buys a pizza place just so he can get a pizza to satisfy his munchies. Some of the funniest scenes happen throughout the book, but some of the most profound thoughts occur during this transaction.

Great fun book loaded with the funny by Dave Barry.