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Margie Kay, Editor

Quarterly digital and print publication

Being a hobbyist paranormal investigator, I’m always intrigued about the latest in the paranormal world. Actually, being intrigued by the paranormal world is what led me to be a hobbyist paranormal investigator. While most of the paranormal I’ve sought has been ghost hunting, I have had my share of UFO phenomena occur and I do want to find Bigfoot. Since I still have a “normal” life to contend with I keep up, like everyone else, watching cool television shows about the paranormal, read books, attend conferences and read magazines.

Since the advent of the internet most of the information can be found on the internet, but there are a lot of hoaxes that has to be weeded out first, and that takes a lot of time. That’s where “Un-X Magazine comes in. This quarterly magazine covers all of the Unexplained 

phenomena. The Unique thing is that many issues will be themed based. Last fall’s issue featured many stories that fit in the Halloween genre, focusing on stories of witches from the infamous Salem, Mass. Last summer was a fun read for me because it focused on a UFOs and alien based artifacts.

The current issue features stories about: The Roswell Rock Circle, BIGFOOT Sightings in the Midwest, Prophetic Dreaming, Ley Lines, Introduction to the RESISTANCE, An Astrological Glimpse of 2013, NASA’S Kepler Mission Discovers 461 New Planet Candidates, National UFO Alert: Five states.

After I finish this issue I can’t wait for the spring issue because they will be making the theme of the issue: Earthly spirits, fairy, fae and other myths and unexplained reports.




So if you are like me and a fan of the Unexplained, check out “Un-X Magazine.” Information on digital or print issues and subscriptions can be found at http://www.margiekay.com.