“Titanium Rain: volume 1” by Josh Finney 

“Titanium Rain Volume 1”
by Josh Finney
Multi-cast Audio Drama
produced by AudioComics
Running time 1:27:44

If you’ve been a constant reader of my posts you probably already know that I’m a big fan of comic books and graphic novels. So, every chance I get to listen to an audio version of a comic I take it. So far I have not been let down, this is the second comic book based story for audio I have heard from Audio Comics Company and this group knows how to do it right.

When you think about comics you think of the intense graphics helping to tell the story, which always intrigues me about how that gets translated into audio form. There are a couple of audiobook companies that do it right and based on the awesome work I’ve heard, the Audio Comics company will be one on my list for any future releases.

Audio Comics paints the background, which would normally be done with graphics, with a complete 360 degrees of sound. The explosions the weapons fire and the special effects fill the air just as the graphics would fill the background. These aren’t cheesy effects either. I was listening in my car at one point in the story when the jets were flying and I had to ease off my gas pedal because I felt like I was in the jet as the battle progressed. During the explosions, through my Bose Wave Radio (via aux input), would cause the walls in the room to rumble. This one was a fantastic aural experience.

Being a voiceover artist myself, I get real critical when it comes to voicing for audiobooks, but the Audio Comics company doesn’t have to worry about be picking on their actors, they were all excellent and every voice artist was able to bring out the complete characters through their work on this project.

So, all in all, this story is a definite must experience audio book. What about the story itself? Well it is very intriguing and a nice little near-future sci-fi war story.

I had first heard about this graphic novel back in 2010 when the Chinese government would not allow the book to be sold due to its “politically sensitive content.” When a comic book, or rather a graphic novel, is banned for any reason, I have to at least check it out.

The year is 2031 and a civil war in China has become a global conflict. China’s supreme military leader is assassinated and the general that takes over decides it is time for China to return to its roots and announces himself as Emperor. The U.S. becomes involved when the Chinese attack Japan. That is the political situation and creates enough of a reason for a good war story, but in this book, that is merely the tip of the iceberg.

This story is really about the 704th Phoenix Tactical Fighter Squadron. This squadron is sent to the frontlines because of their special abilities. Actually the abilities are what makes the story a great sci-fi.

The 704th are all a bunch of washouts. They couldn’t make it into a real Air Force squadron, but thanks to a scientific experiment they get a last chance. Each member is “voluntarily” turned into a type of cyborg in what is dubbed as the “Prometheus Project”. Using nano-technology the members are able to control their planes as thought they are merely an appendage of the humans involved.

The audio drama is told as a series of flashbacks jumping from the ongoing battle to the past where the pilots all become one with their aircraft. Audio Comics did an excellent job of separating the flashbacks with simple audio cues. They didn’t have to give the dates or times of each segment rather the audio moved the story along with great audio segues between sections.

Jump on board now, this is to be released as a trilogy and this is only the first. Great story, awesome sound and perfect acting will get you wanting more.