“Doctor Who: Wooden Heart” by Martin Day

“Doctor Who: Wooden Heart”
by Martin Day
Read by Adjoa Andoh
Published by AudioGO
2 Hours and 30 minutes

I’m really loving these short audio productions of Doctor Who adventures published by AudioGO. There are some full length audio books available but these short adventures are perfect for filling that gap for my commutes. This time around I’m answering a distress call with the doctor and companion Martha Jones on a ship, The Castor, spinning adrift in deep space.

This production is read by Adjoa Andoh who portrayed a cat nun in one episode and Martha Jones’ mother in several other episodes. She is no stranger to the Doctor Who realm of stories and her delivery of this audiobook reflected that knowledge. When delivering the dialogue of either the Doctor or Martha Jones, she was able to portray not only their mannerisms in speech but also able to reflect the personalities in her delivery. Very nice reading.

As the Doctor and Marth begin investigating The Castor, they discover all the crew seems to be dead. Bodies are found in cells mummified some peaceful but some in terrorized positions. When the two arrive at the bridge of the ship they confirm that the ship is a prison ship of sorts. The of sorts part is that it seems the ship was also researching something, but what?

Soon the ship’s sensors come awake and two lifeforms are detected (other than the Doctor and Martha) one is very faint. The start toward the source of the life forms on the ship and walk through a doorway to find themselves in a wooded area. Yes, somehow in the middle of this ship a forest appears and here there be monsters. Some creature seems to be tracking the Doctor and Martha and when a man comes to save them from the monster the Doctor takes time to analyze the man. While he appears to be in his 30s the readings say he is only a few hours old. The man takes the Doctor and Martha to his village where children have been going missing.

In solving the mystery of the missing children the Doctor discovers the source of not only the missing children but of the forest and world created on this ship. An alternate reality created by some being, but finding the source of this creation is a surprise within itself.

So if you are a fan of the tenth doctor or just a fan of Doctor Who altogether make sure you add this adventure on to your listening list. Another great Doctor Who production