I just can’t seem to find a good book.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a book review and I thought I should let you know why.  I can’t find one that seems to be to my liking.  I started listening to Stuart Woods’ “D.C. Dead” but I got bored, I just recently started the latest Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series book “Kiss The Dead” by Laurell K. Hamilton, and at first I said cool a vampire book where they actually kill the vamps…but no, it’s another one of those romance novels disguised as a supernatural hunter book.  The sad thing is that those are all audiobooks and I wasted several hours giving them a chance.

My next audio books hopefully will be getting better, but that is the chance I run when I get the books from the publishers and I don’t really have the choice.  If I run into one more bad book I’m going to start listening to some of my choice.  

I also haven’t had much time to read from my kindle, which is a shame because the book “Raise the Gipper” by John Barnes is awesome!!!! and I need to get back to it soon.  It is a book about the G.O.P. raising Ronald Reagan from the dead so they can have a decent candidate for a change.  The book is very humorous and such a great read.

So until I can actually find a good book or have time to get back to my kindle please be patient.