Sad News 

Okay…sad news to report.  After a scare a few months ago but living through with just a few little problems, my iPod has finally died.  This time it was because i bought a generic iPod car charger and it burnt out the inner workings.  In lieu of flowers donations can be made to my PayPal account ( for the email) so that a replacement can be purchased.  In the meantime the cremation of the iPod which i loved dearly will occur tonight between 11pm and 12 am behind the WAKO Radio building.  If I am not myself for the next few days I hope you can understand and just hope I get over this tragic loss.  All my audiobooks, all my podcasts and even some music…now gone from my life.

Luckily L.A. Theatre Works ( ) and Penguin Audio have provided CDs of many audiobooks that I can still listen to on my commute, but the other times in my life will be missing that audio input.