“Doctor Who: Blackout” by Oli Smith

“Doctor Who: Blackout”
by Oli Smith
Read by Stuart Milligan
Published by AudioGo
1 hour 17 minutes

I am really loving these short (1 hour or so) audio stories released by AudioGo. They are each like an episode of Doctor Who and the perfect filler while waiting for the next season of Doctor Who to come back to television. The BBC has just announced a new companion for the Doctor for the next season, so while I get even more antsy for the next season I have these audiobooks to fill my time. I believe this is the last short story I have for the 11th Doctor, so the next ones will be full-fledged audiobooks from AudioGo (they have lots from all the Doctors).

This “episode” begins with a patient, Clint, who has had dreams of abductions talking to a doctor, but as it turns out it is The Doctor. The Doctor, Amy and Rory have landed the TARDIS in Pennsylvania but on November 9th, 1965 have taken a train to New York to find a cure for a poison that is in the water, and Clint seems to be a key.

Rory and Amy have caused a fireplug to overpressurize and in turn the water spray reveals a ship floating above New York City. Soon people start freezing and exploding and it is up to the Doctor to find the cure for the poisoning. The aliens cause a blackout which makes things difficult for the Doctor to get a message, or rather a warning, to the aliens, but assisted by his trusty sonic screwdriver the Doctor fights on.

The reader, Stuart Milligan, did a very nice job creating the all around feel of a Doctor Who story. The writing was a perfect fit into the world of Doctor Who and, Milligan was able to bring to life the action and emotion of the story. His voicework was very good when representing the Doctor, Rory and even Amy, however his representation of Clint seemed a bit forced, I think he was trying to go for a typical rough New York cab driver with the voice, but it didn’t seem to work for me. The rest of the voice work was nearly perfect. In case you aren’t familiar, Milligan portrayed Nixon in the “Impossible Astronaut” episode of the program.

Definitely a must listen for any Doctor Who fan. Nothing you couldn’t go without, but definitely a story for filling in some of the time before the new season.