“Son of Strelka, Son of God” by Dan Warren and Barack Obama

“Son of Strelka, Son of God”
by Dan Warren and Barack Obama
read by Barack Obama
32 minutes

I think I have just listened to one of the coolest conglomerations ever.  It seems Dan Warren has a lot of time on his hands.  What he has done is chop up President Barack Obama’s self read autobiography audiobook and turned it into something completely different.  The story Dan Warren has creatively edited, complete with music, is the story of an ugly dog-faced demigod who recreates the world after it is destroyed.

When I first heard of this last summer, I was curious, but now that I’ve listened, I just can’t help but think, wow!   I mean, seriously this is just too cool of a concept and the way he did it. In a way some could call it sampling, much like rappers do with music, Dan Warren has done to create a story.  The interesting part is that it turns out to be a full and complete story.  The voice and words are those of our President, but the story is completely new and fresh.  I’m not sure of all the legalities of this but after listening to this, I’m impressed.

The hero Stanley, doesn’t show up until chapter three but we are at first introduced to his father, a proto-man that fell to the earth as a fruit from a tree.  Seeing the world as an empty and desolate place Stanly’s father begins to create the earth calling into being animals, mountains, trees, and even light.  The story then goes on to tell of the rise of civilization and becomes a violent place and Stanly with the help of the Turtle on whose back the world rests goes to find Buddha to set things right.  After finding Buddha to be a fake Stanley takes it upon himself to set the world right.

If you want to check out this awesome story on your own check out Dan’s blog at http://danwarren.blogspot.com/ .   It looks like he’s also converting the story into a series of animated videos, below is a link to chapter one.