“Brass Keys to Murder” by L. Ron Hubbard

“Brass Keys to Murder”
by L. Ron Hubbard
Multi-cast performance
produced 2009 by Galaxy Audio
approx 2 hours.

This time around we dive into the mystery genre from the old pulp fiction writings of L. Ron Hubbard.  Once again I just have to say that these audio books are just pure joy to hear.   The acting, sound effects and music make for a perfect performance which will help the listener escape reality and enjoy some good story telling.   Hubbard was a master of descriptive realistic stories and now that Galaxy Press and Galaxy Audio are re-releasing his short stories from his pulp-fiction era, you can enjoy these gems.

The story this time is “Brass Keys to Murder,” which was originally published in the April, 1935 issue of “Five Novels Monthly” and tells of a navy lieutenant, accused of murder, who risks his life to find the real killer and discovers the motive: the brass keys.

Lt. Stephen Craig is standing watch aboard a Naval vessel when a woman comes to tell him of his father’s death.  She also warns him that the police are coming to arrest him for the murder of his father.  Lt. Craig knows he didn’t do it but the police want to close the case and Craig and his father have a history of not quite getting along.    When the police arrive, Craig basically informs them that he’s been on the ship all day and that the local police have no jurisdiction onboard an Navy ship.   This stalls but once he steps off the ship the police will be waiting.

Craig sneaks out to find some answers which leads to some shady characters and a set of 3 brass keys, which unlock not only 3 chests of treasure but possibly the answer as to who killed Lt. Craig’s father.

This is a thrilling tale of mystery with dealings in darkened alleyways and, foggy nights on a dock and twists and turns that will spin your head but will give you that big “A-Ha” moment at the end when the murderer is found and the treasure is opened.

My advice, listen to these books from Galaxy Audio, although you can read the Galaxy Press paperback versions (made to fully reproduce the pulp fiction mags of yester year), these audio productions are just some fun stuff with great character acting and narration that makes you feel as if you are listening to a radio drama from the same time period.