“Immortalis – Part 1 of 3” Book 7 of “The Demon Wars Saga” by R.A. Salvatore

“Immortalis – Part 1 of 3”
Book 7 of “The Demon Wars Saga”
by R.A. Salvatore
Multi-cast performance
produced by GraphicAudio
Approx 7 hours

I knew it was coming, the beginning of the end, and here it is.  This is the first of three parts of the final book in “The Demon Wars Saga” by R.A. Salvatore.  This saga has been a great adventure in fantasy taking place in the land of Corona.  The heroes have included wizards (of a sort), elves, dwarves, goblins, giants, a centaur that plays bagpipes, humans and a dragon.  Everything one could ever want in a fantasy series.   Salvatore not only created this fictional Land of Corona and populated with some great heroes and villains, but he also created several forms of government and religious doctrine.

One of the things that forms a great work of fiction is how in depth the characters and their adventures are explained.  By creating brand new forms of politics and religion these characters have strict rules to go by and how or when they cross those lines create the great stories.  Salvatore has done just that by at first in the saga creating a demon that threatens the land and how these governments and religions react.  Even more to the point the excitement occurs when heroes are the ones acting and the government and religion stand by idly.

Throughout the adventures I have grown quite fond of he central characters.  Jilseponie (Pony) who as a child was left alone to die after goblins raided her town.  She grew up to become a soldier in the king’s army, a weilder of magic and then Queen of Honce-the-Bear.  Now she is no longer queen because her son, who was thought to have died at birth, has usurped the crown and has left her in her own exile.  But she will not go quietly, she is now out to find why Lady Dasselrond, the leader of the elves took her baby and released his evil on the land.

Bellimar Juraviel, the elf that trained rangers so they may protect the humans of the Land of Corona, is now in love with one of his lost kinsfolk.  Juraviel is of the Touel’alfar elves and centuries ago the Touel’alfar had split in ideals from the Doc’alfar.  The Doc’alfar left the lands and were never heard from again.  Juravial was escorting the most recently trained ranger Brynn Dharielle to the lands of To-gai to free her people from slavery when they discovered the Doc’alfar.  Juraviel fell in love with one of the Doc’alfar and now will be having a child with her.  Juravial brings the King of the Doc’alfar back to Lady Dasselrond in hopes of reuniting the elven folk, but learns that King Adryan may be a threat to the elves.

King Adryan killed King Ursal to gain the crown and a few others and as he decides to conquer the Behren and To-gai lands of the south his murderous past starts to haunt him.  He awakes from dreams where those slain have come back.  His reign not only includes conquering the lands to the south but with the aid of his mentor, the evil, Marcalo De’unnero, Adryan also plans on reforming the Abellican church.

All this is where part one leaves off.  Now on to part 2 so I can get more of this excitement.  The nice thing about listening to these audio book productions from GraphicAudio is that they split them up in six or seven hour installments.  For me this provides convenience of enjoying the events in the saga and enjoying the breaks between the excitement and turmoil created by R. A. Salvatore.  This same excitement and turmoil is made more exciting through the superb production from GraphicAudio.  They use excellent voice actors that not only express the emotion and action of the characters at the moment but also seem to be able to express the character’s history that led to this moment in time. The music and sound effects also move you along through the saga leaving you on the edge of your seat for the entire run.

So strap in and enjoy this beginning of the end of the saga.