“Crisis on Infinite Earths” by Marv Wolfman

“Crisis on Infinite Earths”
by Marv Wolfman
Multicast performance
Produced By GraphicAudio 2009
approx 7 hours

Before we dive into this awesome collection of every superhero created by DC comics, let me first say that before I started listening to GraphicAudio productions of DC comic novels I was a Marvel only fan.  Sorry Stan, but while I still say “Make mine Marvel,” I now append that with, unless it’s an audiobook from GraphicAudio.

GraphicAudio does a superb job of creating audiobooks with the best in voice-acting, great music and excellent sound effects.  They promise “A Movie in your Mind,” and they deliver with a punch.

Now let’s talk about this comic series turned novel turned audiobook.  Back in the mid-80s DC comics realized they had continuity issues with all their runs of comics.  There were different versions of The Flash, Superman never aged, superheroes that had appeared in the early years of comics but never again and many other problems.  So to solve this DC and Marv Wolfman came up with the 12 issue series “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” which created the “Multi-verse” in which there were different versions of Earth.

Marv Wolfman wrote the comic series and later turned the series into a novel, this novel is what this audio book is based on.  In the novel most of the story is told from the Barry Allen version of “The Flash.”  Barry’s nephew, Wally West, became kid flash and after Barry’s death became the flash.  This story also tells of Barry Allen’s death.  No, that is not a spoiler because the opening of the book is The Flash witnessing his own death as he is plunged through time via the speed force.  The Barry Allen Flash, is the catalyst for this story in that he witnesses the events ahead of time and then is plunged back in time to interact the correct way.  One of the things I should mention is that there is lots and lots of time traveling going on in this book.  The paradoxes of time are explored and they seem to get by some of the potential problems by the fact that Barry is somewhat of a ghost that is going back and forth through time, sometimes a ghost and sometimes his physical self.

The main idea of the story is that the creation of the multi-verse was an accident by one of the Oans (the creators of the Green Lantern Corps) and in creating the multi-verse universe of anti-matter was created.  The anti-matter universe and it’s creator have been trapped in time until now.  Now the anti-matter universe is destroying the universes of the multi-verse making it stronger and its creator.  All the superheroes (and villains) of all the remaining multi-verses must gather together to prevent the destruction of untold millions of worlds and lives.

With The Flash narrating and telling the story of the gathering of the heroes and the heroes all teaming up against a common foe there is lots of action in this book and leave it to GraphicAudio to keep your heart pumping as friends and foe alike battle in true superhero form.

You will say good bye to some heroes but your favorites will make their appearance.