“Battlestar Galactica” by Jeffrey A. Carver Published 2006 by Tor Books

“Battlestar Galactica”
by Jeffrey A. Carver
Published 2006 by Tor Books

If you’re like me you’re probably missing the great series on Sci-Fi channel (I’m sorry I cannot stomach SyFy).  I loved the series and watched religiously every episode, I couldn’t wait for the next episode to see what would happen next.  But sadly the series ended.  Sure Sci-Fi now has “Caprica” which is a prequel to the series, but it’s just not the same.  Once again books come to my rescue, in searching for BSG books I found several that I’ll be tearing into.  There’s the original written by Glen Larson from back in the 70s, I’ve already read that one.  Then Richard Hatch made a run at some BSG 70s era books, but to my pleasure, there are a few written in the re-imagining of the latest BSG books.  Here is the first, simply titled “Battlestar Galactica.”  This book covers the events in the mini-series which launched the 5 season series.

For forty years mankind experienced peace, that was about to change.  Man created Cylons, mechanoids that did the work of man.  But the Cylons rebelled, they developed sentience and after the Cylon war agreed to go to their own part of the universe so the two “races” could exist separately at peace.  To ensure the peace an armistice station was set up so the two could meet annually to ensure the peace was kept.  After the first year the Cylons did not show up, but to keep up the human side of the bargain, a representative from the 12 colonies would show up and after 3 days leave.  This last time the Cylons showed up.  This time to destroy mankind.

The Cylons have evolved, they now have 12 models that appear human in every aspect, even bleeding when shot.  This book covers the events where the Cylons have destroyed the colonies and the few survivors of the human race, led by President (formerly Education Secretary) Roslyn and Battlestar Galactica commander Adama.   The surviving members of the human race attempt to follow the 13th colony which centuries before left to colonize Earth.

Whether you have seen the series or not this is a very interesting book.  Being a fan of the series, reading this book was a breath of fresh air, in that I could relive the exciting series.  The writing is pretty much a good copy of the screenplay, in that I could easily picture Edward James Olmos giving orders.

Now I’m off to find other books that may tell side stories from the series, it was nice to revisit, but I’m hungry for new material.